Barnana was created to solve the flaws of bananas browning quickly and being easily squashed.

It is crafted from chewy organic bananas that have been dehydrated for consumers to enjoy.

The dehydration means that the naturally occurring sugars caramelise and condense.

This bite-sized product is organic, gluten and dairy free and non-GMO.

Barnana has no refined sugar, preservatives or cholesterol and has 18 months of shelf life.

The delicious flavours in the range currently include Original, Coconut, Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

20 per cent of bananas are wasted at the farm as they don't meet retailer expectations. Barnana ensures there is zero waste farming by sustainably upcycling these bananas, resulting in additional income for organic banana farmers.


Review: great taste, easy snack to take on the go.


Barnana is available at Wholefoods House, independent health food stores and organic grocers. For stockist information, contact (02) 9959 1014. RRP $8.99 per 100g packet for Original and Coconut, $9.99 per 100g packet for Peanut Butter and Chocolate.


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