Banana Flakes Bowl

Banana Flakes Bowl

Would your kids be able to resist a breakfast banana split bowl? An unexpected cereal combo with honey, banana, Corn Flakes and yoghurt. It's almost as much fun to make as it is to eat.

Georgievski commented, "Crunchy or soggy, milk or yoghurt, my daughters change their minds every day about how they like their breakfast cereal served. Kellogg's cereals are the perfect breakfast staple, just about every flavour works so there's no limit to what you can add! Variety is key for creating the perfect bowl, whether it's adding crunchy apples for new texture or honey as a sweet alternative. I hope that these recipes provide parents with a few new ideas to try out on their toughest critics."

Serves 1

1 cup Kellogg's Corn Flakes
1/2 tbsp honey
1 banana
1 tsp melted butter
Half a cup of natural yoghurt

Brush a whole peeled banana with a little melted butter.
In a separate zip lock bag, add the cup of Corn Flakes and honey and smash the bag – my kids love to help out with this!
Roll the banana until completely covered with the honey-flavoured crunch.
Oven bake the banana for 10 minutes on 180C till Corn Flakes are golden brown.
Serve the flaked banana in a bowl with yoghurt. For kids who can't get enough crunch, serve with extra crushed Corn Flakes.
How much do your kids enjoy crunchy cereal? Swap the yoghurt for milk for kids looking for a softer texture

Aussie Kids Prove To Be The Toughest Food Critics

– A third of parents left with hurt feelings over brutally honest food feedback at breakfast time.
– Parents go to extreme lengths to create the perfect bowl at breakfast

'Yuck', 'it's ugly' and 'not that again' are just some of the comments from Australian kids voicing their opinions on their parents' breakfast creations. 

New research from Kellogg Australia reveals the majority of parents think their children are the biggest food critics in the family (66%) and describe their opinions as brutally honest with no filter whatsoever (64%). 

While many parents tough it out, a third (31%) are left with hurt feelings and others are using tactics such as 'getting them to help make the food' (49%) or adding extra ingredients, such as strawberries, to make breakfast more appealing (38%).

Hurt feelings aside, instead of letting kids pass up on the most important meal of the day, parents are using creative hacks to create perfect bowls for their little ones. Popular breakfast bowl hacks include: 
• Drizzling spreads into face shapes on the cereal
• Leaving cereal in hot milk to give it a porridge consistency
• Blending fruit and milk to create coloured milk

To alleviate some of the pressure at breakfast, Kellogg's has teamed up with George Georgievski, known for his creative lunchboxes on Instagram page School Lunch Box, to create his first breakfast bowl series. 

There's more than one way to enjoy cereal, and with almost half (40%) of Australian parents struggling every day to get their kids to eat breakfast, and a third (34%) spending more time than they'd like debating breakfast options to eat. 

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