Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts

Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts

Discover Where Mythical Beasts Hide And Blood-Sucking Vampires Lie

Are you ready to join famous monster-hunter Van Helsing as he tracks ancient deep-sea creatures and human-hybrid beasts? Don't be afraid! He'll show you how to drive back angry dragons and hungry zombies. You'll learn to defeat every manner of ghoul, goblin, spirit and witch.

Featuring bold illustrations and easy-to-read maps, Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts will teach you how to battle terrifying creatures in every region of the world – and win!

How to Read Lonely Planet Kids' Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts
This book is divided into sections. Each one relates to a certain part of the world and includes a map with the various creatures marked to help you locate them.

You'll find descriptions of these monsters: some are brief, summarising only the most important facts; others are more detailed, explaining the precise locations of sightings, characteristics that make them so infamous, and methods for how to beat them. Some of the most important monsters – significant either for their fame or cruelty – have two pages dedicated to them, with more detailed information on where they live and curious legends about their existence.

Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts
Lonely Planet Kids
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