Art and Function Combine to Make the Perfect Gift

Art and Function Combine to Make the Perfect Gift

Art and Function Combine to Make the Perfect Gift


There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that more dishes are washed during Christmas than any other festive occasion during the year.


The same evidence suggests that Christmas is the most stressful time of the year, especially in relation to the giving of gifts.  Should these gifts be practical or aesthetically pleasing?  Is it possible to achieve both?


Bespoke Melbourne Textile Printers, Super Special Screenprinting, believes it is.  And to prove the point it has commissioned two leading Australian illustrators to create Christmas and Australiana-themed designs that will appear on high-quality absorbent linen/cotton tea towels made especially for Super Special.


The design templates can be personalised so a family or a business can make them uniquely their own with a name, message or Brand.  You can even handwrite a message, photograph it, email it and Super Special will scan it in and screenprint it. 


The tea towels can be personalised in small runs and still remain economical.  For example, a single tea towel in a print run of 20 will cost only $2 more than a Christmas card.


'By including a message and your name or Brand on the tea towel, you can effectively ditch the Christmas card," says Shelley Krape of Super Special.  'You can even wrap other gifts with it!  Another idea is to frame it! There are so many ways to save with these unique gift ideas."


Jane Reiseger

Celebrated designer, Jane Reiseger, was commissioned to develop illustrations for the new Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.  She has teamed with Nana Kate (an octogenarian baker par excellence) to create a practical design featuring Kate's extraordinary apple cake recipe.  This is truly a fusion between art and pragmatism.


Eamon -Eamo' Donnelly 

Eamo is an award-winning illustrator, designer, artist, photographer and historian. He has illustrated for some of the world's most recognisable publications including Rolling Stone, Newsweek and Playboy. He has created a 2015 Calender featuring some of Australia's most beloved flora and fauna. 


The cost of the tea towels with a personalised greeting ranges from $7.10 to $11.00 including GST plus delivery. For an extra dollar, each tea towel can be presented in a presentation poly bag.  The minimum print run in any one design is 20 units.


For further information contact Shelley Krape at Super Special Screen Printing ph: 03 9399 3888