Jess Dempsey BONDS Boobicon Interview

Jess Dempsey BONDS Boobicon Interview

Jess Dempsey BONDS Boobicon Interview

Not one to be unversed with a leading role, Australia's First Lady of Comedy, award winning standup comedian, actress and TV presenter, Julia Morris has taken on a different kind of role as the lead in the new Bonds Boobicon ambassador line up.

Last year Bonds started a boob-esteem conversation and got Aussies talkin' boobs. Now Bonds have created a cheeky new -emoticon' language to represent the A to G and everything in between of Aussie boobs – big, small, sporty, perky, mama, dazzling, tattooed, petite and more! They call them Boobicons.

Big = {O} {O}
Dazzling = (@) (@)
Sporty = /./ /./
Uneven = (O) (o)
Tattooed = (©) (®)
Mama = ( + ) ( + )

To bring these Boobicons to life, Bonds have teamed up with a unique group of women to collectively celebrate their boobs and get Aussie women to join them in embracing what they've got!

True to her comedic form, ambassador Julia Morris has created her own -Fun Boobs' Boobicon and thinks a sense of humour is the best way to deal with some of the surprising and not so surprising changes your boobs go through over time.

'Fun, Bouncy, Mama and Dazzling Boobs, I've been them all and I loved it. Boobs can be ever-changing and I'm happy to house mind in something fun and flattering."

'In the past I've found it difficult to find a bra that has the right balance of being super comfy and having a great shape, but if you don't mind, I've found it. Bonds Shaper Tops step forward, you are my new guru."

Joining Julia as a spokesperson for the Bonds campaign is Paralympian Kelly Cartwright, representing Sporty Boobs. Spending most of her days in a sports bra, Kelly likes to mix up her look with the vibrant colours of the Bonds Sporty Tops as her go‐to.

Then there is top Australian fashion blogger and mum-of‐two Jess Dempsey ‐ Mama Boobs. Jess loves knowing that Bonds is there to grow and shrink with her throughout her motherhood journey.

Last but not least is celebrated Drag Queen Marie Claire, aka Dazzling Boobs, who knows it's all about the va-va‐voom when getting ready to take to the stage!

Bonds General Manager of Marketing, Tanya Deans, says, 'We want to put a fun spin on how women can identify their boob type (or types) and find a Bonds bra to suit them."

'We are thrilled to have such an amazing line up of Aussie women to celebrate all of the different boob types out there and that Bonds has a bra for pretty much all of them – from A to G and everything in between."

The extended Bonds bra range features new fuller busted styles to give big-busted women of Australia the chance to ditch the boring beige and enjoy top-notch support in Bonds' signature prints and bright pop colours.

To add even more razzle to their dazzle and help give Aussie boobs the support that they need, Bonds has also added an array of new prints, colours and fabrics to its full bra range catering for sizes 8A through to 16G and every shape or size in between – so Bonds has you covered!

The Bonds bra range is available from Bonds stores and other leading retailers nationwide, including Big W, Myer, Target, David Jones, Harris Scarfe and Trade Secret. The full range is also available at (free shipping and returns Australia wide).

To try your hand at creating your own Boobicon like Julia, all you need is a keyboard and some imagination. Visit or and share your personal Boobicon via #bondsboobicons

Interview with Jess Dempsey

Question: Why did you choose to get involved in the BONDS Boobicon campaign?

Jess Dempsey: It was an absolute no brainer for me. I have been a BONDS fan my whole life and now as a mother, my kids live in their BONDS clothing. The Boobicon campaign is about embracing all types of women with all types of boobs and I am all about the sisterhood!

Question: Which is your favourite bra from the BONDS range?

Jess Dempsey: My favourite is the Push It Bra - a hot pink and orange bra I wore in the campaign, it gave me really good shape and a little boost to my otherwise empty mama boobs.

Question: As a fashion blogger and mum how important is it for you to encourage women to embrace what they've got from A to G and in-between?

Jess Dempsey: I am the number one advocate to telling women to stay true to themselves. It is not just important to stay true to your own personal style, know what suits you first and trend second, but sometimes we can get so caught up in other things that we forget to stop and realise just how lucky we are. r

Question: How would you describe your style?

Jess Dempsey: My style is creative, a little sporty and a hint of 60's.

Question: How has your style changed through motherhood?

Jess Dempsey: I find that now that I am a mother, I need some go-to outfits that I don't have to think about because I don't have time to stand in my wardrobe and try on lots of clothes. The days I am home with the kids, I can be found wearing either gym gear or black ripped jeans, sneakers, a tshirt and a puffer vest.

Question: Can you tell us what inspired the creation of the blog?

Jess Dempsey: What would Karl do was conceived in 2010 after a trip of a life time I took with my sister in law to Europe. We shopped so much that we had buyers guilt and gave all our spare money to the homeless on our last day. When I got home, two suitcases full of new clothes and designer accessories, I wanted to show 'someone' but I didn't know who. I started my blog as a way of showing my personal style and showed the items that I bought so I could inspire others. What would Karl do the name came about because being in Paris changed my perception of fashion. I stood outside the original CHANEL store at Rue Cambon Paris and couldn't believe that I was standing on the same ground that Coco Chanel once walked. When I would look in my wardrobe and put an outfit together, I would make references and be inspired by what I saw Karl do on the latest Chanel runway.

Question: How do you juggle work and family life?

Jess Dempsey: It is tricky and I am so lucky I have great support in my family when I have to attend events or anything work related. My kids are my number one priority and I spend most days with them, doing the mummy thing all day and check emails every so often but when they are asleep (like now) I start working on the blog.

Question: What fashion tips do you have for females as we head into the Spring months?

Jess Dempsey: Enjoy the sunshine, get out and make special memories with friends and family during this time of the year. A good tshirt, shorts and espadrilles can make a simple summer look.

Question: How can we pick the right bathers for Summer?

Jess Dempsey: Go and try on lots and lots until you find the right pair! I always say, know what style suits your body type and then choose the colour selection from that style. This also includes knowing what colours suit you, I look best in bright colours as I am pale skinned and anything light would just wash me out.

Question: What's your fashion philosophy?

Jess Dempsey: Be fashion confident, trust your gut and let your style reflect your personality.

Interview by Brooke Hunter