Christmas Gifts That Won't Go To Waste

Christmas Gifts That Won't Go To Waste

Christmas Gifts That Won't Go To Waste


This year give a stylish, reusable Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

We're a nation that loves coffee and the outdoors, but there's a nasty side affect to this age of convenience; we throw away millions of disposable cups, plastic bottles and food containers. If we just consider coffee cups, 2.7 million disposable coffee cups are thrown away in Australia every dayi.

Reusables Etc has sourced a quality range of stylish reusable products that help reduce waste and use sustainable, non-toxic materials that won't leach nasty chemicals or odours.

Founder, Michael Stroud says, -If you're sick of buying plastic pressies that get used a couple of times then discarded into landfill, look no further. We've handpicked an exciting range of safe, eco-friendly products that will put a smile on anyone's face.'

Here are some of our favourites:

For the Office KK – A glass reusable coffee cup provides a touch of luxury, is recyclable, and won't affect taste like plastic cups can. Keep Cup and Joco cups come in a range of sizes and colours and at under $25 fit nicely into the KK budget.

For Her – Apple Green Duck's gorgeous range of reusable bags are made of natural fibres like Jute and Calico. They feature modern designs, and are the perfect way to carry your shopping, lunch or heels for the walk home and so much more stylish and eco-friendly than a plastic bag! This is great news for mother earth given Australians currently use 3.9 billion plastic bags annually, that's over 10.6 million new bags iievery day. Look good, do good.

For Him – Whether he's a tradie, works in the office or on the road, the thermos stainless steel insulated range will keep drinks hot or cold all day long and they're tough enough for the work site.

For Mum – Avoid the taste of plastic while enjoying the outdoors this summer. Our glass beverage dispensers are an awesome alternative to plastic jugs and will look amazing on the Christmas table this year.

For the Sports Nut – Australians litter and throw away around 15,000 bottles and cans every minute – more than 8 billion each yeariii! A reusable drink bottle is a great gift and all of Reusables Etc's water bottles are made of recyclable glass or stainless steel so you'll get a great  taste while quenching your thirst. Using a water bottle also saves money and prevents harmful plastic from unnecessarily ending up in landfill or entering our waterways.

For the Kids – Get ahead for the New Year with a school lunch kit. Reusables Etc have a range of fun designs perfect for any age including reusable sandwich wraps, lunch boxes and snack containers. Our insulated containers will keep lunch fresh and you'll say good-bye to the plastic wrap and snap lock bags for good.

For Baby – Food Pouches are great for baby food on the go, but those plastic pouches have to end up somewhere. Many products on the market are topped up with sugary fruit content like apple and pear. For homemade baby food on the run, you can't go past our reusable food pouches.

For Summer – Keep cool this summer with homemade icy treats using our great range of silicone moulds. Silicone is the perfect plastic alternative as its non-toxic, BPA-free and recyclable.

For a fresh a twist – Flavoured water is hot this summer. Get on board with the Aqua or Citrus Zinger range, which infuses water with natural fruit juice so you can create and enjoy flavoured water for on the go.