Andrew Pearce Directs Duran Duran's Before the Rain

Andrew Pearce Directs Duran Duran's Before the Rain

Andrew Pearce Directs Duran Duran's Before the Rain

Duran Duran has selected an official video for "Before the Rain", one of nine songs from their new 2010 album "All You Need Is Now". The music video has been directed, filmed and edited by 21 year old Australian filmmaker Andrew Pearce, recent graduate of the Sydney Film School.

At the end of 2010 the iconic Duran Duran partnered with inviting talented filmmakers to create a video for any of the nine All You Need Is Now tracks released on iTunes in December.

Entries were received from all around the world. Five finalists were selected for each song and Duran Duran chose the winners.

A short filmmaker and photographer from the Australian countryside, Andrew Pearce, shot the music video for "Before the Rain" on his family farm, using neighbours and family as cast.

Keyboardist Nick Rhodes described Andrew's video as "sublime and heartbreaking". "It's rare to find someone who has such a beautiful vision and the ability to bring that to life," said Rhodes. "In this case it was crystal clear. Story line, casting, colors, cinematography, editing and passion are all in sync. Without doubt one of the most inspiring videos I've seen for not only one of our songs but any song for some time."

Beside winning the cash prize of $5,000, the video "will be screened before a lot of Duran Duran concerts on a big screen and it will also be part of a DVD compilation the band are putting out," says co-founder Mick Entwisle.

There is also a good chance the video will be shown on TV. "A lot of our other winning videos from past competitions have been," adds Mick. was launched in September 2009 to introduce a new model for music video and help spark creativity in music video, which has lost some of its original 1980's magic.

"By offering some fantastic music and a blank canvas we hope we can provide the platform for music video to enter a new realm... where it can surprise and delight again and the next wave of talented music video creators can be discovered and introduced to the world."

In 2009 Andrew Pearce won the Susan Moorhead Memorial Award judged by Dr Gene Sherman. His solo photography exhibition is now open at the Wedge Gallery, 500 George St, Sydney! Andrew Pearce's official website:

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