Alix, Good ft. Nezza music video

Alix, Good ft. Nezza music video

With today's current social and political climate in mind, ALIX felt compelled to take the time to educate herself further, and to use her platform to bring awareness to topics that are important and to support individual campaigns. The music video now includes an important message about supporting social justice goals and the Black Lives Matter movement.

ALIX and Nezza discovered a GoFundMe campaign for All-Inclusive Mental Health & Wellness Services that Cater Specifically to the Black Community in Mississipi; it is run by an inspiring woman who seems to truly want to make a difference through a cause that's very important.

"We loved the idea that the funds would go to mental health care professionals in different areas who had patients needing assistance in paying for services. We also loved how people wanting these services could reach out to her for help through GoFundMe as well."

Bay Area raised singer and songwriter ALIX brings a sensuous vibe to her modern take on pop. Her signature velvet tone is effortless and grabs your attention. A true California girl, ALIX captures the essence of home in her music. For her, home is a picturesque scenic wonderland of redwood forests and rolling evergreen hills 10 minutes from San Francisco; a place rich with music and creative history. When it comes to her writing and vocal style, influences from an eclectic collection of genres give her a unique edge. Blending mixes of r&b and singer-songwriter, to electronic and hip hop, she creates a genre that is all her own. Silky melodies and straight forward lyrics bounce off of feel-good golden instrumentals, giving her the edge that is her homemade sound. Her voice is a warm embrace, wrapping around you with every note. You can recognize her anywhere from her voice to her blonde lioness mane of hair. In addition to her own infectious music, ALIX writes for a variety of artists.