Alexis Naylor Casualty

Alexis Naylor Casualty

Alexis Naylor's single 'Casualty' stems from reflecting and questioning how one becomes a casualty of someone's inability to love. Layers of hurt and broken trust, a tale of walking through heartbreak.

Originally released in May 2020 as a piano driven pop ballad, the new remix from Jonny Westwood takes it to a dark pop space, with its own story to tell that is bigger and bolder than the original.

Originally a Melbourne girl, Alexis is a lover of music, sunshine and beer who now lives somewhere in Perth in a converted Mercedes van, quaintly named 'VanNessa'.

Borrowing from the sounds of Celine, Delta and Florence, Alexis writes and sings from the piano and the Uke and is often found co-writing, collaborating or playing for other local artists.

"There's something astonishing about a remix - I'm kinda shocked about how much I am hearing in this reimagined version, that I didn't hear in the original - Jonny is a genius".

Casualty - Jonny Westwood Remix is out now.

Alexis Naylor is a Singer/Songwriter from Perth, Australia.

As a young girl she learned piano because it was her dad's favourite instrument and music and performance continued to be a huge part of her life. From studies at JMC Academy and NMIT in Melbourne, all the way to gigs, festivals and overseas tours both as a back-up singer and as a front woman.