Alexander Biggs Hit or Miss

Alexander Biggs Hit or Miss

Melbourne creative Alexander Biggs has unveiled his debut album.

Self recorded and produced by Alexander Biggs, Hit or Miss was written and recorded in many places " from blanket fort hideaways in a noisy city to a suburban kitchen; the lively lounge room of friends of friends to a makeshift bedroom on the lounge floor of his mother's house.

Upfront and sincere at times, near-sardonic at others, Hit or Miss engages with themes of loneliness, distance, and macaroni necklaces. At times, the record feels like a diary, or collection of personal essays, but with an aptitude for finding the resonance in the idiosyncratic, Biggs displays a clear offering of hope and understanding.

This record is a map of a relationship on trace paper"ephemeral scrawlings on an eternal park bench. It's a document, a movie and a bible, dotted lines drawing out the ugly and the pretty, misery and joy.

"It's my hope this can serve anyone in their travels, through all their loving and all their hurting. I hope it sees them, like it saw me, through all their hits and all their misses, always swinging" explains Alexander.

"I hope all the idiosyncrasies can be universal. I hope the feelings that made sense to me make sense to you."

Hit or Miss enters the world led by focus track 'All I Know', written in New York with new collaborator Tamsin Wilson, vocalist/guitarist of Wilsen.