Action Slacks Voids

Action Slacks Voids

Shimmering with vibrant synth-pop soundscapes, Brisbane's indie-pop project Action Slacks have been living up to the first half of their name, leaping into single release action over the past six months in the lead up to their highly-awaited debut EP 'Voids', out July 8.

Combining their 80's pop influences with groove-drenched rhythms, crystal clear female lead vocals and evocative synth sonority, Action Slacks have delivered a scintillating introductory EP that delves into the complexities of toxic relationships, heartbreak and unrequited love. Levi Russell further explains:

"The initial concept behind the EP was for us to take on as much of the production and recording ourselves, which was somewhat a natural progression for the band, but also a necessity due to the nature of the last 12 months. The process forced us to dig deeper into aspects of the production than we had previously, allowing us to expand on ideas further and take time to let the songs fully develop."

From the unhealthy obsession explored in 'Find A Way', to the obvious struggle in trying to break out of old habits in 'Over and Over''Voids' emanates with an intensity parallel to screaming into the void, searching for answers and finding emptiness.

Opening the EP is 'Find A Way', a haunting, nighttime groove, written from the perspective of a serial killer obsessing over their next victim. Ominous lyricism delivered using lead vocalist Madeleine Thompson's rich, clear voice provides a hypnotic uneasiness, emphasised with screaming synths and urgent bass riffs.

Electrifying second track 'Rapid Fire' drips with pulsing synth layers and an undeniable beat begging to be played over an 80's era dance floor. The song journeys through feelings of uncertainty within a relationship, spinning between wanting to stay but needing to leave.

Next, is the synth-infused palate cleanser, 'Purple Nights', providing a brief sojourn between the first and second halves of the EP. All-encompassing and ethereal, 'Purple Nights' is the landscape of Action Slacks' dreams and a delicious transition into the next track.

'Over and Over' begins with entrancing, floating vocals before transforming into a glorious dance-pop bop, shuddering with irresistible percussion and synth bass riffs. Melancholic verses build into lively choruses, demonstrating the struggle to break away from old habits at the end of a relationship whilst also longing for freedom.

Finally, 'The New Violence Sequence' brings the EP full-circle as a sequel to opener 'Find A Way'. Drifting between moments of clarity and chaos, the song switches between steady and turbulent drumming, reminiscent of someone trying to organise their mind. Meanwhile, addictive bass synthesisers create a sinister energy throughout the song as forbidding lyrics continue the gripping tale.

Throughout Action Slacks previous releases, the band have seen support from AuspOpHappy MagAmnplifyScenestrMusic Is My Muse4ZZZTriple J Unearthed and more.

Action Slacks debut EP 'Voids' is out everywhere on July 8 and the band will be on tour, playing shows at the Gold CoastMelbourne and Brisbane in July

'Voids' EP Tour
July 8 - Vinnies Dive, Gold Coast with Bligh, BUSINESS. and Monsters Up North
July 16 - Wrangler Studios, Melbournewith Mantell and Sapphire Street
July 23 - O'Skulligans, Brisbanewith Mantell and Dolly Zoom