5 New Trends in eCommerce To Watch

5 New Trends in eCommerce To Watch

Lots of things are happening in the world of eCommerce and digital marketing in these years. Many new trends are emerging and taking a more permanent place in the mind of both consumers and marketers. Check out five of the most prominent trends in eCommerce right now.


eCommerce is a rapidly growing and ever-changing industry. When working in eCommerce, it's important to constantly always stay updated on the latest trends and developments. This will make you able to adjust your digital marketing strategies and continue to attract your customers. You can also find many more guides for your online store from Webretailer. Here you'll be able to find lots of tips for optimizing your eCommerce store.


1. Mobile shopping

Mobiles play an increasingly bigger part in all areas of the digital world. eCommerce is no exception. When you develop your online marketing and eCommerce store, you must always have mobile shopping in mind. The statistics on mobile shopping clearly show rapid growth. Optimizing the shopping experience for mobile users should be one of the primary focus points.


2. Young customers and social media

Young customers from Gen Z have entered the eCommerce market and are already changing the way we shop online. The increasing use of phones for shopping is related to the increase in young shoppers. But the importance of social media is also somewhat due to this same increase. The younger generations are spending more money than previously,  and they are to a large degree using social media platforms to find information on purchases and to do their shopping. This means businesses have to focus on online and interactive marketing. Adjusting your marketing to embrace these young customers is an absolute must in 2022.


3. Green shopping

One of the biggest trends in eCommerce is without a doubt green shopping. Environmental awareness is growing all over the world and this is clearly visible in our consumption habits. Consumers pay much more attention to a business's green vision and sustainability than ever before. Businesses are adjusting to minimize their carbon footprint. If you do have environmental awareness in your business, it's important to use it in your marketing as it not only brands you as an eco-friendly retailer but also your customers as someone who are concerned about the current situation.


4. Personalized shopping

Customers today expect a personalized shopping experience. More and more businesses use AI technology to be able to give their customers tailored recommendations and an overall personalized shopping experience. Most customers in 2022 want to feel unique and valued, so it's crucial to work on personalizing one's buyer's journeys.


5. Visual commerce

Visuality is now playing a lead role in online marketing. Customers today are used to everything online being extremely visual and aesthetically pleasing. Any successful eCommerce marketer will have a tremendous amount of focus on product photos, visual content, engaging videos, interactive content, and so on. As most things are going digital, the future of marketing is indeed a visual one.


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