4 rules for effective business trips

4 rules for effective business trips

Let a business trip be, of course, a joy for the soul, but also a great stress for the body. On business trips, we experience a rush of adrenaline. There is much more of it than in ordinary office days. If you are active and cheerful at the beginning of a business trip, then as the adrenaline becomes less, the enthusiasm passes. And as a result, efficiency.


Read the four main rules that will keep the working mood on a business trip, no matter you are going to Switzerland, the USA or Australia.


Rule 1. Plan everything in advance, including accommodation and bus hire Geneva

A carefully thought-out plan is much easier to work with. Make a list of things that will help you to be more organized at the airport, plane, hotel and office. Order bus rental Geneva to pick you up from the airport at estimated time.


Try using the following list:

●      noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs;

●      music playlist for work;

●      business trip to-do list;

●      treats for breaks – healthy snacks or chewing gum.


During the flight, decide which things you will need in the airplane seat, which you can put in your luggage, and which to put on the shelf.

Try to fly with the same bag and put things in it the same way. This way you will eliminate long searches and worries that you have forgotten something.

You need to have a detailed schedule on what to do during your trip, bus rental in geneva switzerland will assist you in flexible.


Rule 2. Make an "anti-anxiety" list

"Reduce anxiety" – make it the slogan of your business trip. In order not to worry that you do not have enough "that very letter" for full-fledged work.


Make a list of things to do BEFORE your business trip:

●      download all emails to your hard drive so that you don't depend on the Internet.

●      charge the batteries on your gadgets and take spare ones.

●      save any documents you may need on external media.

●      check the airline's baggage requirements.

●      check the airport and the exact departure and arrival time time and use bus charter Geneva in order not to care about transfer to the city centre.

Rule 3. Prepare yourself for the situation "something went wrong"

No one is protected from force majeure. This does not mean that you need to think about everything at once and prevent problems. It is enough to think through a dialogue with your inner anxious voice.


Pre-prepared phrases will help you calm down at the right moment.

●      "It happens on the road."

●      "Be prepared for the unexpected, there is no adventure without them."

●      "Everyone can be late. The main thing is that I am alive and well."


And of course, if possible try to minimize unexpected situations when it is possible. Rent a bus in Geneva and you will not be dependent on taxi or transport schedule.


Rule 4. Translate the biological clock

There is no escape from our biological clock. If the time on our internal clock does not correspond to the local time, when you change time zones or work shifts, desynchronization or jetlag occurs. Violation of the daily regime has very unpleasant symptoms: dizziness, loss of clarity of consciousness, difficulty concentrating.

A business trip implies that an employee needs to be as collected as possible. A multimillion-dollar project is at stake, and you have only one desire – to sleep.


The following rituals will help to cope with jetlag.

Watch out for liquids. Do not forget to drink water, refrain from alcohol, do not abuse coffee.

Adjust the illumination. It is better to start doing this in advance when you are still at home. Artificially increase or decrease the illumination at different times of the day so that the body begins to get used to new conditions.

It is important to remember that the total sleep time should remain habitual, the time of waking up and going to bed should change.

If possible, arrive on a business trip a few days before an important event. To adapt and recover after a long journey before the important event for which you came.




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