Mimi G new book 'Make It Yours with Mimi G'

Mimi G  new book 'Make It Yours with Mimi G'

Mimi G who is a former homeless single mom living on the streets before turning her life around to become the world's most influential star in sewing & D.I.Y fashion with millions of social media followers, and now her new book  'Make It Yours with Mimi G' is the #1 Amazon Best-Seller in Fashion!


She was just featured in Entrepreneur Magazine where she shared her journey.


After she got off the streets and into building her sewing empire, Mimi G ended up working with celebrities like Gwen Stefani & Jennifer Aniston, companies like Target, Revlon, and Google and featured in People Magazine, POPSUGAR, The Los Angeles Times  (to name a few).


She is the creator of the world's #1 online sewing school SewItAcademy.com, and is ready to share her inspiring story along with her latest sewing tips, tricks, and patterns found in her first book, "Make It Yours with Mimi G: A Sewist's Guide to a Custom Wardrobe."


What started as a hobby in 2012 has blossomed into an international brand with a daily engagement of more than 2.1 million followers across social media platforms, 12 million page views annually, and 575K unique visitors per month on her blog. Mimi G Style empowers and motivates people of all ages and walks of life. Her videos on D.I.Y sewing, self-empowerment, and lifestyle have propelled Mimi G from blogger to internet sensation.


Mimi G is now a mother of four and a champion of women with an empowering and inspiring personal story; a victim of sexual abuse as a child, at 16 years old she found herself homeless as a single mother with a small child fleeing from an abusive relationship. Struggling to survive she bounced from couch to couch until she secured an assistant job and was able to stabilize herself with her daughter. It was at that time that she began blogging about her true passion – sewing / designing clothes. She had a knack for seeing a design on the runway and being able to recreate it herself.


She may not have had the money to buy designer clothes, but her skills enabled her to create a beautiful wardrobe that allowed her to shine in important meetings with no one the wiser. Her blog took off – people were drawn to her hip and cool approach to sewing. In a field where sewing could seem like something "that grandmas do" she was making it fun and exciting. Her blog evolved into her own best-selling patterns which in turn evolved into her own online sewing school. What began as a blog dedicated to her passion has emerged into a full-blown empire. 



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