101 Sports Not To Try

101 Sports Not To Try

101 Sports Not To Try

Your Essential Guide to the World's Most Dangerous, Pointless and Laughable Excuses for Recreation.

'Every weekend, a collective hysteria descends across the planet. From Birmingham to Bora Bora, Sydney to Santiago, Helisinki to Hell's Kitchen, normal everyday folk put on loud, tight-fitted clothing, apply straps and supports to their saggy frames like medals of honour, stop at the corner store for sugary drinks they wouldn't touch if they weren't labeled 'isotonic' and indulge themselves in the fantasy that they are sporty. They aren't. And if that sounds like you, it's time for a reality check.'

Despite the piles of hate mail and threats generated by his earlier bestselling book, 101 Places Not To Visit, Adam Russ now turns his irreverent eye to sports- once again demonstrating a fearlessness bordering on craziness.

AFL: a game so bloodthirsty, brutal and spectacularly entertaining it wouldn't look out of place in a Roman arena.
Prize/Rewards: the sheer joy for still clinging to life when it's all over briefly outweighs the fact that you'll be eating from a blend from not on.

Gymnastics: there are as many kinds of gymnastic disciplines as there are muscles, joints and bones in your body for you to do irreparable damage to.
Why You Shouldn't Bother: … unless you are a six-year-old with an unhealthily high pain threshold and a 45-hour gap in your weekly diary, no serious trainer will be interest in taking you on anyways.

From wife-carrying to canoe bobsleigh; Russ has been tireless in his pursuit of a range of weird and pointless sports. He has investigated the history and complexities of elephant polo or camel polo (with a headless goat as a ball); dwarf tossing, the impossible rules in the Eton wall game; or Henry VIII's favourite, real tennis. In Ireland he found bog snorkeling, in Holland dyke jumping, in Belgium songbird listening, in Canada log rolling and in Florida crab racing.

101 Sports Not To Try gives you all the reasons you need not to join in.

Adam Russ is an actor and a writer. His previous works include The Revenge Seeker's Handbook and 1010 Places Not to Visit.

101 Sports Not To Try
ABC Books
Author: Adam Russ
ISBN: 9780733324123
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