Female Fronted Metal Group

Female Fronted Metal Group


San Francisco's multi genre 01EXPERIENCE has self released their debut EP 'The Code"; a concept album based on the inner science of alchemy and is linked to a larger platform that includes multimedia theatre, art and transformational ritual. The 01EXPERIENCE features former members of metal bands Vile (Colin Davis), Death Under Fire (Melissa Mari) and Orchid (Carter Kennedy), as well as electronic music producer EO.

Says the band, 'The lyrics and the structure of the songs represent personal struggles related to deep inner work that we are engaged in. The songs also deal with psychological motifs and with archetypal concepts related to alchemy and universal processes of transformation. One major motif for example, is that of duality, the equality of light and dark, and this is represented in the way the songs move from gentle to aggressive tonalities. There is also the live performance aspect which is a subject unto itself. The 01EXPERIENCE is also a live theatrical event and participatory ritual and this aspect is being developed over time."

The band's shadow tinted sound is diverse, incorporating different forms of rock, metal and classical influences. Song structures are catchy but unconventional and dynamic. Front woman Melissa Mari acts as the central star of energy around which the music orbits. Fans of Opeth and The Gathering may find resonance with their sound.

Says the band, 'The songs were originally written on acoustic guitar and then over time, we experimented with different instruments and orchestration to find the mix that felt appropriate. We wanted this music to be very different from what we each had written in the past. It took us about 2 years to find the right balance and also the other musicians. As we were recording, we were experimenting. Colin is also an audio engineer so that made this method possible. Now that we understand our sound as a band, future production will be more efficient, and thats great because it was an uncomfortable struggle. That said, we already have plans for many new elements and experiments so the quest goes on!"

Melissa Mari is a life long musician and vocalist with a background is classical, jazz, rock and metal styles. She is known for her high energy and passionate live performances and her improvisational talents. Guitarist Colin Davis has a background in extreme metal music as the founding member of the band Vile. Carter Kennedy is a former drummer for the doom metal act Orchid. He plays an accurate and powerful Bonham-esque style. Electronic musician Eric Oberthaller, who provided additional sound design is an award winning producer of electronic music and has worked with prominent and artful acts such as Beats Antique.

Listen to the EP, watch videos and find out more information: http://01experience.com

Lazar (Intro)
Father Thing
Heart Will Open
The Code
(Not an) Ordinary Life
The Journey

In support of their new EP, 01EXPERIENCE will be doing some live performances. Their act incorporates theatrical aspects which will be integrated into the performances progressively. Besides the band itself, they are creating a multi platform artistic event focused around alchemy and inner transformation. It will integrate art, video projections, role playing actors, audience participation ritual and other aspects that are in development. Its the 01 'experience"! A full video is coming in the future, most likely with live footage. Also a fundraising Patreon page explaining how the theatrical and ritual aspect of the performance will work. 01EXPERIENCE is beginning their search for artist collaborators to build the formal event aspect now.

In closing the band has this to impart, 'Wherever there is fear, guilt, grief, anger or darkness, wherever there is a dragon, there is pure gold to be discovered there. The true hero's journey is the path inward, through the path of most resistance, through the shadow. And what we find there is our true genius, our purpose for being. That is what gives rise to the evolution of ourselves and humanity. Its nothing else but that. Expect formidable opposition and expect total success."

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