You've Got This!

You've Got This!

The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself

Have you been procrastinating about taking a leap of faith in yourself towards a new endeavour or long-held aspiration? Perhaps you've landed in a situation you didn't see coming. One that blind-sided you, rocked your world and left you feeling ungrounded, anxious about your future and mired in misgivings.

Or maybe you've ventured out onto that far limb, but now you're unsure how to navigate the risks and you worry your best efforts will be inadequate... that you are inadequate.

Margie Warrell has a question for you: What if you could trust yourself more deeply and doubt yourself less often?

We all have moments when we succumb to doubt and let our fears call the shots. Yet each time they do, we limit our lives. It's why in today's culture of fear and self-doubt, building 'self-trust' is crucial to unleashing true potential and conquering the fears that keep us from thriving ― in our careers, relationships, leadership and life.

Written with heart, while grounded in research, Margie's newest title, You've Got This! The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself [1 March 2020, Wiley] is a handbook for learning to thrive in today's pressure laden and uncertain world.

An intrepid spirit who has lived and worked around the world, Aussie-born Margie is uniquely qualified to write this book. She draws on her international career in business, psychology and coaching (her clients include NASA, Google, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Federal Police and more) as well as her experiences raising four children (aged 16-21yrs) while living across the globe and countless adventures to some of the most remote corners of the world (Margie has lived in Papua New Guinea, swam with Piranhas in the Amazon and climbed Kilimanjaro with her kids). She also draws on her doctoral studies in human development and the countless times she's ventured out of her comfort zone since growing up on a small dairy farm (the big sister of seven) in East Gippsland, Victoria.

Margie understands we are living in turbulent and tragic times. Recent bushfires have rocked the Australian psyche to its core. Many are struggling to feel grounded and confident in a culture that fuels anxiety and social polarity. Looking outside ourselves for security and affirmation often proves a fruitless quest. Applying the practical advice and twelve principles she shares in You've Got This! will help you:
· Defy negative self-talk that keeps you making changes you've been putting off
· Counter your own unconscious bias that has you selling yourself short
· Embrace vulnerability and trust your intuition
· Combat stress and thrive amid uncertainty
· Grow your confidence as a leader and 'change agent'

"My intention for this book," shares Margie, "is to embolden people to trust more deeply in their innate capacity to rise above their challenges and defy the doubts that keep them becoming the person they have it within them to be."

Margie Warrell draws on her background in Fortune 500 business, coaching and psychology to embolden people to lead themselves and others to better outcomes. Living on multiple continents around from NASA, Morgan Stanley, UN Foundation, Johnston & Johnston, L'Oreal, Microsoft, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Federal Police, and more.

A member of the Advisory Board of Forbes School of Business & Technology, her insights also draw on her work and interviews with global leaders such as Richard Branson, Oliver Stone and Bill Marriott. The titles of her other books, Find Your Courage, Stop Playing Safe, Brave and Make Your Mark reflect her deep passion for helping people to live and lead braver lives.

You've Got This!
Author: Margie Warrell
RRP: $29.95

Interview with Margie Warrell

Question: What inspired you to write You've Got This!?

Margie Warrell: Two things. Firstly, it was the book I wanted to read! I've dealt with a lot of disruption and derailed plans in recent years and I've had to really trust myself that I've got everything it takes to deal with whatever is coming next amid enormous uncertainty.

Secondly, it was a book I knew would help many other people who often doubt themselves too much, back themselves too little and sell themselves too short " particularly we women! In fact I have an entire chapter in it focused on all the ways that women really struggle to believe in themselves, and the unconscious biases and beliefs we have that hold us back.

Question: How did you learn to trust yourself?

Margie Warrell: By daring to defy the negative noises in my head and put myself 'out there' despite the doubts I had that I'd fall short or make a total fool of myself. As I've written about in the book, research shows that the only way to build self-trust and slay self-doubt is by taking the actions we would take if we actually felt confident. Action comes first, belief follows. It's why the first chapter is titles Dont wait for confidence, begin before you feel ready! It's only then that we can discover how little reason we ever had to doubt ourselves.

Question: How can we begin shutting out our negative thoughts, today?

Margie Warrell: By focusing in on what it is you'd really love to do and then taking one small step toward it, however seemingly insignificant. There is no more powerful antidote to fear than by taking action in its presence. Those negative thoughts won't just go away by wishing them away. So if you are wrestling with a negative thought right now - like 'I'm just not good enough' "I'll probably be rejected' 'I just don't know what I'm doing' - I encourage you to give yourself permission to figure it out as you go and not land it perfectly, first time, every time…

Question: What's the main message you hope readers take from You've Got This!?

Margie Warrell: That within us lays far more potential, power and ability than we often give ourselves credit for, and that the only way to ever discovering the true depth of our capability is by take a brave leap of faith over the chasm of our fears. Will that be uncomfortable? You bet. But every single worthwhile endeavor in our lives - from building amazing relationships to achieving inspiring goals - requires breaking ranks with our comfort zone, and daring to do more than we've done before. There is no shortcut to courage. The only way to discover and unleash the brilliance and potential within us, is by daring to trust that 'we've got this' even when we're not fully sure we have!

Question: What's next, for you?

Margie Warrell: Read the book and you'll find out! For now, my focus is very much on helping others become more grounded in themselves amid the uncertainty of these times, and doing the best I can to walk my own talk.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

You've Got This! 
Author: Margie Warrell
RRP: $29.95