Wisdom For Your Life

Wisdom For Your Life

Wisdom For Your Life

Unlike most therapists and social workers, Katrina Cavanough has an extra special gift – the ability to communicate and receive messages from the souls of those who have passed...

Kartrina Cavanough was just 28 when she took on the job of trauma therapist in a busy hospital emergency department. Within weeks, she was surprised to discover that her ability to communicate with Spirit would play an important role in her new career. Over the next 10 years, Katrina found herself in spiritual communication with many dying patients as they made their transition into the afterlife.

'Outside I was the medical professional; supporting the families, helping the doctors" Katrina explains, 'But inside I was the spiritual messenger; quietly and lovingly reassuring the victim as they passed from this world to the next".

As one of Australia's Top 10 intuitives, Katrina has discovered a bounty of wisdom and answers to some of life's greatest questions, thanks to those she's connected with on the other side.

A small baby that passes, a father who suicides, these stories and many more fill the pages of her new book Wisdom For Your Life, sharing Katrina's most memorable cases and what she's learnt from the people who've passed over.

All at once inspiring and insightful, Katrina Cavanough's Wisdom For Your Life is proof that death is anything but the end.

Katrina Cavanough is a child and family therapist, relationship therapist, drug and alcohol clinician who featured on Channel 7's The One as one of the Top 10 Psychics in Australia.

Wisdom For Your Life
Allen and Unwin
Author: Katrina Cavanough
ISBN: 9781743314432
RRP: $19.99

Interview with Katrina Cavanough

Question: What inspired you to write Wisdom For Your Life?

Katrina Cavanough: Years ago I knew I'd write a book but I never knew what it would be about. To be truthful I actually submitted a manuscript to Allen and Unwin which was a different book and Maggie met with me and said the book was lovely but looking at me and my stories she saw amazing stories in the work that I did whilst working in the hospital as I'd alerted to that in the submission. Maggie from Allen and Unwin asked if I would write a book about those stories and the information and wisdom that I obtained through those experiences. I felt overjoyed and grateful that Maggie recognised that my stories and wisdoms held values and that's how Wisdom For Your Life came about.

Question: How does your special gift aid in your career as a therapist and social worker?

Katrina Cavanough: They were both separate and that's a very important thing. When I was working as a social worker and professional, I kept that very separate and never did those two parts of my life really ever connect. When I was with a family I was working as a social worker and I never ever spoke of having their mother who had passed, with me; I didn't do that because it was inappropriate and I'm bound by a code of ethics.

Certainty what happened with me was that I was surprised which I know sounds ridiculous given that I have an easy connection with the afterlife, we all do. I was especially surprised but it was comforting to know and be aware of the way death happens and the way the transition into the afterlife happens. I had the opportunity to talk and communicate with the souls of those people, as they passed over; not all of them, I've dealt with over 400 deaths in a 10 year period, it wasn't every single time but it was enough times as it was very profound. I was very grateful although it was unusual that I would experience the afterlife within that role or in the course of doing that work. It has enriched my life and given me the information to give to others not only about dying and what it's like but about the key wisdoms, ideas and concepts about living life in a more meaningful way.

Question: Was it difficult to write about those who've passed in Wisdom For Your Life?

Katrina Cavanough: Yes, the tragic aspects. In some ways it was a little bit challenging but there is something that happens to you when you work with that much trauma, every professional will tell you that. The impact it has is different for everyone, but it impacts you none the less. As it became so much a part of my life, writing about the stories were therapeutic. In the writing of the book I have been very careful to protect the identities but the actual spiritual experience is what occurred however I have blurred details so there is no way anyone could know.

Question: What do you hope readers take away from the book?

Katrina Cavanough: There are two main things I would hope readers take away, very broadly and underneath this there are more specific points but the first thing would be an awareness that the dying process is quite gentle and there is actually no fear in the experience of dying and crossing over to the afterlife.

The second and for me the most important part of the book are the wisdoms that have come through about living life in a much easier way, the meaning of life and lives biggest questions such as -why are we here?', -why do people suffer?' and -why do bad things happen to good people?'.

A key wisdom is that every moment is precious and we all expect to live a long life and it's natural to do so but the truth is, just like in nature, all lives are to be lived to the full extent which means every moment is precious and any day could be our last. When you live life with that awareness it changes you and you live more passionately whilst being careful about the experiences, people and things you do in your life. It's a life changing experience, definitely.

Interview by Brooke Hunter