Winephoria's Personality Matchmaker

Winephoria's Personality Matchmaker

Winephoria's Personality Matchmaker

Online wine retailer, has created an innovative industry first app to help consumers find the right wine by matching their personality to the perfect blend.

Winephoria's Personality Matchmaker uses psychology to analyse the taste and character of the consumer to define their wine personality. Each personality is paired with a carefully selected range of wines.

The game changing app was developed in consultation with renowned psychologist Dr Timothy Sharp, considering traits like risk-taking, leadership skills and the consumer's lifestyle.

There are 10 personality types ranging from The Bubble Baron who 'like the eyes of his lovers, prefers his drinks sparkling" to the Bold and Beautiful whose 'life is like a profound conversation that can be shared with strong willed individuals like themselves."

Founder and Director of Winephoria, Suzi Devine is fiercely passionate about wine, creating the app for both occasional and experienced wine drinkers who may be put off by complicated jargon.

'Consumers are increasingly time poor and want guaranteed enjoyment. After a hard week at work, they are looking for a well‐priced bottle of wine that delights their palate. Our exciting new app makes this choice easy and ensures they will love the wine, or we'll give their money back," said Ms Devine.

'The local wine shop can be daunting at times, with many finding the 'wine world" quite overwhelming – this is where our Personality Matchmaker app comes in. Just answer a series of questions to find out your wine personality and we'll suggest the best bottles to match," she explained.

Dr Sharp, also known as Chief Happiness Officer from the Happiness Institute, thinks the app is a novel concept, which allows people to easily select a wine without worrying about industry trends and reviews.

'Winephoria's app is a fun and unique idea, providing consumers with an interactive way to pick their wine in a stress‐free environment," said Dr Sharp.

Ms Devine has spent the past year meeting winegrowers across Australia, providing Winephoria's customers with boutique wines that simply can't be found in run-of‐the‐mill bottle shops.

'Winephoria is 100% independently owned so you can rest assured our recommendations are genuine. We have such a diverse offering of wine in Australia and some wonderfully talented winemakers whose passion and commitment to the industry is evidenced in the quality of every bottle," she said.

When asked to summarise her blossoming wine business, Ms Devine defined Winephoria as 'that euphoric feeling of excitement and joy obtained through the love of quality wine delivered right to your door. Wine is there to be shared and enjoyed in a carefree and unpretentious way, and this is Winephoria's mission."

Considering traits like risk-taking, leadership skills and the consumer's lifestyle, there are 10 personality types:
Elegant Angel – you're a -relax and enjoy' kinda gal
Wistful Drinker – a woman of discernible taste and a bottomless appetite for adventure
Bold and Beautiful – like a beacon of sophistication you're the one that people turn to for advice of all things style
The Bubbly Baron – by day sophisticated business baron; by night you're seen gracing red carpets and after parties
The Tropical Cruiser – your Hawaiian shirt collection is as fresh as your wine
Chill Seeker – your personal motto could be -chillax' yet you're still a Top Gun style thrill seeker
Noble Adventurer – for you, life is a delicious blend of excitement, adventure and fun
Bold Spice – you're deep, slightly brooding and wise beyond your years
Sparkling Queen – by day, your rubbing shoulders with socialites and enjoying the finer things; by night you're gracing red carpets
Fruity Vixen – the tide is high but you're holding on… to your wine glass that is!