What's Hot In Interior Trends For 2019

What's Hot In Interior Trends For 2019

If you are interested in the latest interior trends, draw inspiration from those-in-the-know to find out what's hot for 2019.

Interior stylist Melissa Gullifer from Focus on Furniture shares her key interior trends to hit Aussies next year.

Colours. Matte black seems to be moving from fashion to our interiors and we love it! Expect to see bold, high-contrast furniture designs like luxurious marble with black steel. Or black leather with deep brown timbers. One of my personal favourites is the sleek designer Forte leather armchair. This stylish seat is made from 100 per cent genuine leather with deep brown timber legs, armrests and comfortable back support – absolute bliss! Move over rose gold, traditional metallic gold is going to make a major comeback in 2019, with dark gold, bright gold being paired with raw natural finishes. Metallic finishes will add the ooh la la back into your interior.

Sustainability. With the anti-waste movement now in full swing, Australians are more conscious than ever to end the war on waste. Retail companies are also taking charge and looking for new ways to improve their environmental processes. We have seen a massive trend towards customers looking for companies who are taking this seriously. Take the plastic straw scenario! Focus on Furniture has committed to a number of eco-friendly options, like sourcing raw materials from sustainable sources. The new Daylesford range is crafted from Australian Messmate hardwood, grown naturally in the vibrant forests of Victoria. Messmate is sustainably harvested under strict guide-lines and carries the approval of the international PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification body.

Earthy Tones and Greens. Timber finishes are the perfect way to let the outdoors in and feel a little summery all-year round. Indoor plants are already here and they're not going anywhere. With so many retail outlets stocking up on artificial plants that look like the real thing, it's no wonder we're buying up (and the best part is we don't need to worry about watering them)!

"Remember, these latest interior trends are just a guide to help you style your home the way you want it, with a little inspiration along the way," said Melissa.

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