Create the Perfect Summer Haven with an Outdoor Bath

Create the Perfect Summer Haven with an Outdoor Bath

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to invest in luxuries for the season and Victoria + Albert recommend doing so by breaking down traditional boundaries and creating a tranquil oasis beyond your bathroom. Outdoor bathing gives you the chance to create the perfect summer haven, right in the comforts of your own home. Jonathan Carter, Marketing Director of Victoria + Albert Baths, shares his tips.

Escape the heat with your own haven
Outdoor bathing allows you to take in the fresh air, natural scenery and sunlight while escaping the summer blaze and enjoying the luxuries of your own home. The installation of indoor bathtubs is determined by your bathroom's dimensions and space, however outdoor baths are less limited and can create a luxurious statement. Freestanding baths give you the opportunity to create a real spa-like haven, adding in personal touches to create an area fit for your needs.

"Installing a freestanding bath outside can instantly create a sense of indulgence in your own backyard and is the perfect way to pamper during the hot summer season," said Mr Carter.

"Whether your outdoor alfresco area is inspired by a tropical day-spa or a modern luxurious hotel, you can easily immerse yourself in a cool tub and enjoy the outdoors, even in the Australian heat."

Use your bath as a pool alternative
Freestanding baths are a great alternative to a pool if your backyard has limited space. When having to bear blistering hot days, an outdoor bathtub offers some cooling relief without leaving your home. Surrounding the bath with plants and natural materials creates the feeling of a secluded haven.

"Victoria + Albert's freestanding baths are made of a unique material called QUARRYCAST™- a composite of Volcanic Limestone™ and resins", says Mr Carter. "They're ideal for outdoor installations – not only are they UV resistant, meaning they won't go yellow in the sun, but the material is resistant to thermal shock cycles, which means there's no risk of cracking between the seasons."

And tips for those looking to bring the outdoors in…
If an outdoor tub isn't an option, look to bring the outdoors in. Large floor-to-ceiling windows and bi-folding doors are popular options to create a seamless transition. "We're seeing increasingly that designers and homeowners are looking to create boundary-free, light filled bathrooms", says Mr Carter. "A freestanding bath creates a superb architectural statement in front of a window. The addition of plants and natural accessories helps to create a serene environment."

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Credit: Bevan + Associates Credit: Linda Murray Design and Jim Bartsch photography