What the Fat?

What the Fat?

What the Fat?

Fat's in, sugar's out! The low carb, healthy fat lifestyle is a revolution that's turning the food pyramid on its head.

The Fat Professor, the Wholefood Dietitian and the Michelin-trained Chef, all had a purpose – they want to change the world by advocating the Low Carb, Healthy Fat (LCHF) lifestyle.

For too long, western diets have been enslaved by an outdated food pyramid that promotes diets heavily reliant in carbs, which has led us to consume too many processed foods. As the evidence mounts against sugar and processed carbohydrates, it's time to flip the pyramid and break free of the fat phobia.

This book isn't intended to be a personalised diet plan, but an eating and lifestyle guide (including some science and lots of practice) as to how you and your family can embrace the LCHF lifestyle.

What The Fat is a unique book of 3 parts:
The Science: Professor Grant Schofield examines the truth about fat: why do we get fat; what is good fat; the science behind why low-carb diets work using three real-life stories as a simple guide to the previously ignored, misunderstood, and sometimes even suppressed, science behind LCHF.
The Lifestyle: Dietician and sports nutritionist Dr Caryn Zinn outlines a new way to think about food. A low-carb, healthy fat focus that will revolutionise the way people think about diet, exercise and weight-loss.
The Food: 80 original low-carb, healthy fat recipes created by Michelin-trained chef Craig Rodger.

Professor Grant Schofield is at the forefront of challenging the widespread fat phobia that has pushed us to eat a diet full of processed, carb-laden food. He has been a respected PhD public health academic for over 20 years and is based in New Zealand.

Dr Caryn Zinn is a registered dietician and has a master's degree in sports nutrition, focusing her doctoral studies on how to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Craig Rodger is a classically trained chef who spent eight years working in fine-dining restaurants, including Michelin-starred restaurants in his native Scotland. Craig now incorporates a different approach to cooking, stripping away carb-laden -fillers' and using nutritionally dense ingredients.

Professor Tim Noakes is an emeritus professor at University of Cape Town, South Africa and author of bestselling The Real Meal Revolution.

Pete Evans is a well-known chef, health coach, television presenter and author of many bestselling cookbooks.

Dr Aseem Malhotra is a British cardiologist and founder of Action on Sugar in the UK.

What the Fat?
Echo Publishing
The Professor: Grant Schofield
The Dietitian: Dr Caryn Zinn
The Chef: Craig Rodger
Forward: Professor Tim Noakes
Introduction: Pete Evans

RRP: $29.95