What Kind of Home to Buy When You Are Expecting Children

What Kind of Home to Buy When You Are Expecting Children

Growing a family is a huge milestone in every parent's life. That said, it also requires a great deal of planning.

From buying all the necessary baby items to ensuring a smooth delivery, it's not going to be a breeze getting everything done"far from it, as a matter of fact!

On top of these dizzying parenting obligations, another consideration you may have in mind is buying a baby-ready house.

This can definitely be daunting, considering the large cost associated with upgrading your home.

But if your mind is made up and your finances are set, then you'd want to buy a home that's adequately equipped to house your growing family.

Here are the essentials you'd want to keep in mind when house hunting for your family.

What Different Types of Homes Are Available?

Your housing options will depend heavily on where you live. Your decision will also depend on the family size and budget allocated for the home.

Here are some of the most common house types you can find in the market:

  • Single-Family Homes: These detached dwellings are multi-roomed and multi-storeyed. They are also the most common types you can find in gated villages and suburban neighbourhoods.
  • Townhomes: These homes are attached to other similarly-designed dwellings. They're often cheaper and offer the basic amenities for family living.
  • Condominiums/Apartments: These are multi-level dwellings that come with shared facilities such as a laundromat, pool, and gym. This housing option can range from single-bedroom to double-bedroom or more, depending on the unit you purchase or rent.
  • Multi-Family Homes: This type of housing consists of two or more dwellings within the same property. Its size is large enough to accommodate extended relatives, such as in-laws, elderly family members, and nephews and nieces.

The good news for any prospective homeowner is that each of these housing types is viable for family living.

You don't need a massive mansion or a sprawling estate at the start. Your career may still be in its middling stages and you're just introducing a third family member, after all. 

Staying practical by cost-cutting effectively, taking out mortgage loans with pre-approval from Homestar Finance or other lenders, and consolidating your capital is always an ideal course of action.

That said, having the right amount of rooms and ample space is still incredibly important. To ensure a comfortable stay, make sure that your chosen housing option has the following factors listed below.

5 Factors to Consider In Your Family Home

Here are some of the essential factors to consider when buying a home for your growing family.

1) Number of Rooms

A primary factor you'd want to take into account when buying a family house is the number of rooms.

The master bedroom is a given for any household, but you'll also want to consider getting another room or two for your eventual child. You'll also want to have enough space to accommodate the occasional guest.

Of course, everyone's situation is different. Before buying a house, estimate how many bedrooms you'll need. You'll also want to consider whether the place has a separate area for the kitchen, dining hall, living room, and bathrooms.

At the very least, you'd want enough rooms to accommodate the number of children you're planning on having in the next ten or so years. That said, having siblings in single-room setups in bunk beds is completely viable too.

2) House Location

If you're a working professional, you'd want to have a house situated where there are plenty of amenities, security, and opportunities for your children to socialise.

Living in a suburban neighbourhood is a great start since it provides a safe environment for children to explore and learn. You'll want to ensure that the place has good access to public transportation, supermarkets, clinics, parks, and schools.

Of course, the location should be ideal for you and your partner too. Ideally, you'd want to shorten the commute time to and from your place of work to free up your time.

3) Family-Friendly Layout

Toddlers and tots can be unpredictable at times, so having a family-friendly layout is a must!

A great start would be having an open floor plan. This way, you can always keep an eye on your children at all times, as long as you're on the same floor.

Furthermore, you'd want to have a designated shelf or cabinet to keep potentially hazardous items like knives, detergents, and other chemical solutions out of reach.

Lastly, fencing your backyard is also a good idea. This way, your little ones can roam around safely and you don't have to worry about them accidentally leaving your property.

4) Ample Storage Space

Ask any parent and they know full well how fast children can grow. Eventually, your child will shift from wanting to play with trucks and trains to desiring activities for older kids. They'll also likely outgrow their old clothes.

While your kids will eventually grow, their toys and clothes won't! If you don't want your home to look like a hoarder's den, make sure that your house has enough space for these old belongings.

You can keep these items in the attic, garage, or even an unused room. While you can always give these toys away, you'll never know whether you'll have baby #2 anytime soon. It pays to be prepared!

5) House Condition and Age

Of course, another consideration prospective parents will have to take into account is the house's overall condition.

If you scored a "good deal" on a house that's dilapidated and rusty, that's not a good deal. While you definitely have to be watchful over your budget, don't buy a house that doesn't pass the most basic checklist.

The same goes for age. Older homes often have more character and charm, but they may also require extensive maintenance.

You may consider renovating an old house to make it seem brand new again, but it might not be in your best interests as a new parent.



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