The Good Box

The Good Box

The Good Box, a charity and social enterprise, is run by two young women who quit their full time corporate jobs to help those experiencing homelessness. 

These young women are asking for Australia's help to keep our most vulnerable warm this winter. Winter is right around the corner and there is nothing more comforting than wearing your favourite warm jacket on a cool day or having a cosy night in bed at home. 

However, to some Australians these small comforts are something of a dream. The Good Box tries to make this dream closer to a reality by distributing boxes full of essentials to individuals experiencing homelessness. The Good Box is launching their annual Winter Box, which is designed for individuals doing it rough and facing the cold winter climate. Each box contains helpful winter essentials such as a hoodie, a beanie, soup sachets and more for the homeless community across Australia. 

The boxes may also include surprise gifts and a handwritten note from volunteers.

 "Australia winters can see an average temperature of 1.4 degrees in certain areas - imagine being in this weather and not having a home or any essential items to keep you warm. There are 117,000 people experiencing homelessness in Australia on any given day and this includes children under the age of 15. It is imperative that these vulnerable Australias are given a beautiful gift box filled with first hand quality winter items to help them through winter," says The Good Box Co Founder, Gali Blacher.

 "Recipients who receive the boxes have often experienced extreme hardships such as domestic violence and are now stuck without a warm place to call home. They often tell us that if they didn't receive a Good Box they would have to use items such as newspapers to get warm. This is not okay and The Good Box is determined to ensure that Australians in need will have essential winter items such as beanies, gloves, hoodies, to keep warm in the freezing cold. Please help those in need by donating a Winter Box through our website," says The Good Box Co Founder, Madelyn Jones. 

There are many misconceptions that prevent people from helping the homeless. However, The Good Box tries to break these barriers and open up meaningful conversations. In 2016, the Specialist Homeless Services Agency (SHS) identified over 116,000 individuals experiencing homelessness. From this figure 93% find themselves with unstable housing, couch surfing and other forms of homelessness that are hidden from public view. The Good Box aims to distribute an astounding 2000+ Winter Boxes across the country through amazing charities such as Mission Australia, St John's Crisis Centre, Vinnies, Red Cross, Orange Sky Australia and many more. 

However, this won't be possible without the help of the public. The boxes can be purchased online via from 10 am, 15th of June, for $24.99.


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