Cast: A.J. Cook, Sebastian Roché, Stephanie Lemelin, Brian Johnson, Vik Sahay, Simon Quarterman
Director: Will Brent Bell
Genre: Horror
Rated: R18+
Running Time: 89 minutes

From the producers of Insidious and Paranormal Activity comes the truly terrifying and clever Wer. A.J. Cook stars as Kate Moore, a defence attorney who discovers her client who is being charged with murder is actually a werewolf. Co-starring Sebastian Roché, Stephanie Lemelin and Brian Johnson.

Kate is a determined American defense attorney, living abroad as an ex-pat in France when she is assigned as the public defender to Frenchman Talan Gwynek. A creepy yet gentle man, Talan has been charged with the murders of a family vacationing in rural France. Despite matching the murderer's descripti n, Kate is convinced that there's more to Talan than meets the eye and begins to search for answer.

Confident in Talan's innocence, Kate and her assistants, Eric and Gavin decide to test Talan for a rare disease to prove he's physically incapable of the murders. Things take a turn for the worse when Talan violently escapes the lab and into the street of Paris, thrashing anyone in his way. As Kate and her team begin to uncover evidence that Talan is a werewolf, it's up to them to apprehend him before he strikes again.

Directed and co-written by Will Brent Bell (The Devil Inside, Stay Alive), this terrifying horror film brings the werewolf legend to life.

RRP: $34.95