Well This Is Growing Up

Well This Is Growing Up

Well This Is Growing Up

'Well, This Is Growing Up' covers some of the stuff us girls deal with when growing up, and in a nutshell helps girls turn 'shit into sugar' and helps teenagers and young women to see so called 'negative' situations differently. It includes chapters such as Friends (bitches), Bullying, Kindness (the one thing that will instantly make you more beautiful), Social Media, Heartbreak, Unrequited Love, Sex and many more while incorporating my personal stories and words of wisdom (also some humour, mainly the reader laughing at me) to help girls get through whatever it is they may be that they are going through!

10% of all profits to Beyondblue.

This book is dedicated to every single person who has lost their lives to suicide.
To everyone who struggles with the loss of loved ones to such a tragic death.
To everyone who struggles with depression and anxiety, day in day out, you are not alone.
Don't ever let it get the best of you.

Well, This Is Growing Up…
I was inspired to write this book after looking back on the last ten years of my life. I realised that some of the experiences that I have gone through while growing up may be able to help young women today go through some of the tough stuff that life sometimes throws at us.

Well This Is Growing Up
Sid Harta Publishers
Author: Megan Street

Interview with Megan Street

Question: What inspired you to write Well This Is Growing Up?

Megan Street: Tragically, I lost a friend to suicide. I was devastated to say the least… It was then that I thought I have to do something, anything to never let anyone feel suicidal... I knew that I couldn't change the past (Lara's death) *name has been changed I would try my best to change the future.

Question: Can you tell us about the book, Well This Is Growing Up?

Megan Street: Sure! It's the book for anyone who has ever wondered 'WHY ME?!' WTIGU helps anyone see that in any situation there is positive, sometimes you just need to look realllllly hard for it. I talk about heaps of different (some very embarrassing) experiences that show that even when everything seems hopeless you just need to hang on! I promise you IT GETS BETTER! Also included is some practical advice which everyone needs to know such as...

Why people hate you - and how to not let the haters bring you down!
The one thing that can instantly make you more attractive (and no, it's not a spray tan!)
The 4 characteristics that lead to success.
How to make friends easily anywhere!

Question: What advice do you have for other young girls who have lost a friend to suicide?

Megan Street: I think if we can channel the emotions we feel after such a tragic situation into something positive it can be a HUGE help. For me, I used the emotions I felt after losing Lara to try to help others by writing WTIGU. Some other ideas could be…using the emotion to push yourself harder in a sport or in fitness, or you could channel the emotions you feel into an activity such as drawing, painting. You could even use them to make you feel more motivated to ask your friends if they are doing okay emotionally at the moment! Sometimes people hide so much within themselves that you might have no idea how much they have been struggling until you ask.

Question: What are the signs and symptoms associated with mental illness we should look for in our friends?

Megan Street: Distance
Not acting like 'themselves'
Avoiding activities they used to enjoy
Time off work/school
Mood swings
Teary often
Change of eating habits e.g. over-eating or under-eating
Any changes that seem out of the ordinary

Question: Why was it important for you to donate proceeds of the book to BeyondBlue?

Megan Street: After losing a friend to suicide/depression I felt it was important to support an amazing organisation that has helped so many people with mental illnesses and have prevented many suicides.

I also believe that giving is an important part of life. When we are grateful for what we have and the life we live I think that it is hard not to give - whether it be time, money or even just a hug.

Question: What are your top heartbreak tips?

Megan Street: One month (minimum no contact)
Live your life - do those things you have always wanted to do…start ballet? do it! Join a mixed netball team? Go to an indoor trampoline park even if you think you're 'too old for it', get out there and live it up (even if it seems like last thing you want to do).
When one door closes another opens - trust the process.
Remember what Lady Gaga says
'Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore."

Question: What message do you hope Well This Is Growing Up spreads?

Megan Street: With suicide now the leading cause of death I hope WTIGU can help many to realise the importance of not only our own mental health but also those around us - family, friends and even strangers.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

Well This Is Growing Up

Sid Harta Publishers
Author: Megan Street