Water Colour

Water Colour

Master fly fisher, scientist and storyteller Greg French is one of Australia's most brilliant and entertaining nature writers. In Water Colour – along-awaited follow-up to the beloved and bestselling Frog Call (2002) – he shares wild and wondrous tales from a life spent in the natural world.

A constant undercurrent to Greg's writing is his belief that the five million recreational fishers in Australia (ABS) are the best chance we have for environmental conservation and activism. It is these people who enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of nature, and its many proven health benefits, who are most engaged with caring for and protecting the wilderness.

In Water Colour, Greg's easy-going nature and zest for life come tothe fore, as he shares some of his most treasured fishing spots, and the stories and people that go with them.

From teaching his niece and nephew the art of fly fishing in the spectacular Snowy River's upper catchment, to wading through the perfectly transparent streams at the foothills of New Zealand's Southern Alps, to rafting down the Arthur River amidst north-west Tasmania's primal rainforest, Greg's enthusiasm for nature and mateship is infectious.

Readers will reconnect with familiar characters from Greg's catalogue of writing – Lester, Daniel and Ric among them – while the casual encounters with other nature lovers Greg meets on his travels become fascinating glimpses into the quirks of our relationships with each other and with the environment. Water Colour will delight anyone for whomfishing and friendship are always entwined.

Greg French is one of Australia's best-known fishing identities. He contributes regularly to magazines such as FlyLife and has worked with Gin-Clear Media, co-writing and narrating fly fishing documentaries. Although he spends most of his time in Australia and New Zealand, he travels widely.

Greg's most famous book is Trout Waters of Tasmania but he has also written about global destinations, notably in The Last Wild Trout. Greg's literary non-fiction title Frog Call showcased a writing style that reached well beyond the angler audience. His books have been published in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Water Colour
Affirm Press
Author: Greg French
ISBN: 9781925712100
RRP: $29.99


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