Looking to live a fitter, healthier, more energetic lifestyle–but you have no idea where to start? Want to find the sweet spot in work-life balance?

Creating a healthy, active lifestyle is not about living off 1,000 calories per day, or slaving away in the gym every morning. It's about changing your mindset and taking advantage of the resources at your disposal, so you can start living your best, most energetic life today. In the new book Vitality, Nikki Fogden-Moore has written a complete health and fitness roadmap to greater wellness that you can achieve with 3 simple pillars; fresh air, fresh food and a fresh perspective. Her motto: You can create the life you want.

Combining easy to follow exercises, simple yet delicious recipes, nutritional expertise and inspiring imagery, the book comprises Nikki's most popular and proven exercises, tips and tools that have been successful on an international platform over the last decade. It's not about strict diets or hours and hours in the gym every week – but about finding healthy food and exercise you love as part of your life.

Written for super busy high achievers who want the best out of life, Vitality empowers readers with the tools and knowledge they need to look and feel fantastic – without turning your life upside down.

Nikki Fogden-Moore, known as The Vitality Coach, is a corporate vitality specialist, the CEO of Life's A Gym and sought after media commentator. Nikki founded Life's a Gym twelve years ago and has been on a mission to help people realise how easy it can be to look and feel their personal best - without turning their life upside down. Nikki specialises in helping smart, savvy individuals get their mojo back - working with CEO's, entrepreneurs and high achievers. Her dedicated Corporate Vitality Program The Vitality Road Map, is run in the US, NZ and Australia, revolutionising wellness in the workplace. Straight forward, inspiring and engaging, Nikki presents the power of being your personal best, finding the sweet spot in work - life balance and how to apply a fresh perspective to health, fitness and vitality in everyday life. Nikki's podcast The Vitality Coach is on iTunes and is downloaded in over 80 countries and runs the channel VitalityCoachTV on youtube.

Author: Nikki Fogden-Moore
ISBN: 9781507653005
RRP: $34.00

Interview with Nikki Fogden-Moore

Question: Why was it important that you put together a health and fitness guide for super busy people?

Nikki Fogden-Moore: It's not information that is the issue in today's world - it's the fact there is too much of it and individuals have lost their ability to be accountable and truly design the life they love. Today's challenge for busy people is to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling back in control of their lives.

This book is written after over a decade of coaching high achievers and helping them get their mojo back without turning their life upside down. It's purpose is to help get goals off paper and into action - creating real synergy between work, life, friends, family, health and wellbeing. I wrote this guide to show people how to reconnect with their why, find their dream team and enjoy healthy food and exercise they love. Once you get those elements in tune there's no stopping you.

Question: What are your top tips for people who want to be fitter but have no idea where to start?

Nikki Fogden-Moore: Nothing works unless you have a strong enough WHY. So really spend some time figuring out the deep reason you want and need to be fitter and healthier. I have a great little worksheet and process for that.

Look at your week as a whole and plan health and fitness elements in like everything else - it's part of success and your life so bring it to the front of your weekly planning and make it non-negotiable

Start with the 1% rule - be realistic. Stop setting ridiculous goals of hour long sessions and diet regimes that you won't sustain. Instead think healthy lifestyle - add 15mins a day of fitness every day for 100 days and you will be 100% better off than you are now.

As for help - get support from friends, family and even colleagues - plan your morning workouts while your partner can get the kids ready for school.

Mornings Rule: Get up 30mins earlier than normal and do the Wake Up Workout and then get into the shower and start your day - kick starting your day resets your mindset, ignites your metabolism and gives you a sense of satisfaction the moment you wake up.

Remember life has no remote you must get up and change it yourself.

Question: How does Vitality help readers change their mindset?

Nikki Fogden-Moore: Mindset is number 1. As part of the 3 pillars of Vitality a FRESH PERSPECTIVE is all about getting rid of old stories that no longer serve you and igniting self belief and direction. No matter what our age. In VITALITY I break down the combination of goal setting, 90 day plans, finding people who will support you and reconnecting with a sense of purpose and conviction. When oals we set are truly aligned with your inner why it's a powerful combination that creates momentum, positivity and passion for what you do. I show you how to get that and re-evaluate every 90 days.

Question: Which recipe holds the most memories for you and why?

Nikki Fogden-Moore: Salads - growing up in NZ on a farm and spending holidays by the lake or the ocean our lives were always based around fresh ingredients. My master moments in the kitchen are about making the most delicious meal size salads. Packed full of crunchy rocket, fresh mixed lettuces, capsicums, cucumber and snow peas, topped with crumbled honeyed goat's cheese feta and roasted pine nuts - served with either grilled salmon, trout, organic free range chicken or even marinated grilled tofu. I'm not big on dressings as I like to taste the food - so I use macadamia or olive oil, cracked pepper and lime juice.

Question: What's your motto?

Nikki Fogden-Moore: Create the life you want or you'll get the one you're given. We are in charge of our destiny. trust your intuition, make informed decisions and recognise personal accountability is the key to success.

Interview by Brooke Hunter