Vegan Living

Vegan Living


Do you want to protect animals from cruelty?
Do you want to stop climate change in its tracks?
Do you want to be happier and healthier than ever before?

Helped by a host of other committed vegans, Ondine Sherman, cofounder of animal protection organisation Voiceless, offers knowledge, tips and advice to anyone interested in living a crueltyfree, plant-based life.

Whether you're already partially vegan, a vegetarian, or someone looking to make positive lifestyle changes, this book provides
effective tools so you can move forward in the healthiest way possible. It also features answers to common questions about making
the switch.

Learn how to tweak your lifestyle and achieve real-world impact. With small steps towards sustainability, you really can be a part of making
the world a happier, healthier place.

About the author
Ondine is the co-founder and managing director of Voiceless, the animal protection institute. She is a life-long animal advocate, passionate about promoting respect and compassion for all creatures. Ondine holds a BA in Communications and MA in Environmental Studies. She is an ambassador for Action for Dolphins and director of conservation NGO This is My Earth (TiME), and writes regularly about animal protection in the media.

The Animal Allies series is Ondine's fiction series aimed at middle-grade readers, and Vegan Living is her first nonfiction book.

Ondine grew up in Sydney and now lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and three children. Her mischievous street cats, loyal dogs and ex-battery chickens all keep her extraordinarily entertained.

Vegan Living

by Ondine Sherman

Panterapress Hachette 

RRP: $24.99