Two Another Two Sides

Two Another Two Sides

Australian duo Two Another (Eliot & Angus) reveal their anticipated new project, Two Sides, a body of work which sees the hotly tipped duo at their most open and honest yet. Having amassed more than 100 million streams over the past couple of years, Two Another have to date remained mostly anonymous. Built on battles with mental health and sexuality, Two Sides reflects the two people within Two Another, the different obstacles they have each faced and how they learned to move forward.  

Eliot's journey reflected on Two Sides is one of self-acceptance, a long struggle against poor mental health and substance abuse as he battled with coming to terms with his sexuality. Thankfully now in a better place, Eliot speaks of the importance of trying to meet issues head on, despite how hard that can be. He explains: 

"I spent so long trying to be someone else when I was younger that even after I came out I never had that foundation of self-acceptance. It threw me off for a long time and I used alcohol and drugs as a way of dealing with these problems. Even though more and more people are speaking up about mental health, there is still a big stigma around the whole issue and a lot of it is internalised. It wasn't until I went and sought professional rehabilitation that I started addressing these issues in a productive and meaningful way."

For Angus, upcoming fatherhood and the pressure that comes with that led to severe panic attacks, a situation worsened as he tried his best to shoulder more of the work within Two Another as Eliot tackled his own issues. Now a proud father and managing his mental health better, Angus explains:

"Having a looming date over me where your life will change was quite overwhelming and challenging. Seeing your best friend and creative partner in a difficult place was quite hard for me and sometimes I felt like I carried the burden too much. Talking to friends and taking a step back helped me become more clear headed and gave both Eliot and I space to focus on ourselves and our own situations."

Two Sides in essence is project about two long-term friends facing parallel battles and coming out the other side.