Twitter is one of the newest social networking sites and its massive! Twitter takes the popularity of status updates from Facebook to create a new online site. Twitter lets you 'tweet' (basically means, a status update) the answer to one very simple question, 'What are you doing?' but in only 140 characters! So, what are you doing?

Twitter is perfect for anyone and everyone as you can choose who you 'follow' (which basically means, you can see their every update). You can 'follow' everyone from celebrities, musicians, politicians, fashion groups, CEO's, friends, family, co-workers, companies, magazines, websites, television shows, cartoon characters, actors, actresses- basically anyone and everyone!

Twitter connects users via their 'tweets'. You can reply to someone else's tweet and it is all happens in quick, fun and easy-140-characters-or-less updates! Suddenly you have the power to know, what anyone and everyone is doing- at all times or the day! Unless you choose to turn off the updates for a period of time during the day or night- which you can do.

Twitter is described as the SMS of the Internet- probably due to the 140 characters or less and the fact that it poses the question what are you doing? A positive? It's cheaper than SMS. Twitter is FREE!

I'm not quite sure why people choose to post their every move or thought on Twitter- but they do and they love it. Did you just eat a yoghurt? Why not tell everyone? Are you about to go out for dinner? Want company? Jump on Twitter! Do you want dress on the mannequin outside your favourite store? Tell everyone who follows you, they might just purchase it for you...

Want to know what your best friend, your boss, Lily Allen, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Rudd, Hugh Jackman, Paris Hilton and Ashley Tisdale are doing, right now? Follow them on Twitter!

You can stop 'following' people if you find they tweet too often or if you've just had enough! It is very simple to use.... You don't have to do much, other than of course tweet- or just enjoy reading other peoples tweets!

Just like other social networking sites you can add a photograph of yourself and small pieces of information- like your name, your user-name and a small bio!

Twitter can be used as a business tool to find out where prospective clients attend, tradeshows, clubs, networking parties the works. It can also be used to update your business network with updates, releases and information.

Tweets can be restricted to online usage or directed to your mobile phone. Use twitter to tweet your friends or let business colleagues know where you will be if they would like to meet.

We plan on using Twitter to let PR agencies know of any pr opportunities that arise.

Plus for the readers be first to know of new competitions.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing websites today, with more and more people joining everyday.

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