Tricky Business DVD

Tricky Business DVD

Tricky Business DVD

Cast: Gigi Edgley, Kip Gamblin, Antony Starr, Shane Bourne, Debra Byrne, Lincoln Lewis, Sophie Hensser, Odessa Young
Genre: Drama, Romance, TV Show
Rated: M
Running Time: 551 Minutes

Life just got tricky for Kate. Things were going well for everyone - her boyfriend Rick had been made a partner with her in the family business, her teenage daughter Emma loved him, and her parents were about to set off on an extended sailing trip following her father's retirement.

However when Rick looses the entire mercantile agency's money overnight in a get-rich-quick scheme, Kate's perfect life quickly falls apart. Now broke, she is forced to move back into the family home (and share a bedroom with Emma) and in order to keep things afloat her parents cancel their trip so her Dad can return to the business. Plus, much to Emma's devastation, Kate's relationship with Rick is over. However Rick isn't going to give up that easily - and to complicate matters Matt, the mysterious freelance merc agent, has his sights set firmly on Kate.

Meanwhile there is a mercantile agency to be runů

Set in Wollongong, and featuring an all star cast, Tricky Business weaves family dramas, secrets and relationships with the intrigue of a team of professional investigators.

Special Features:
Behind The Scenes
Shane Bourne Introduces the Family

Tricky Business
RRP: $39.95