Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey into the Unknown

Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey into the Unknown

Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey into the Unknown

After a life changing event, Samantha Richards transformed her life from one of misery to one of peace and happiness … and it didn't cost her a cent to do it. She feels like the richest woman alive!

Samantha's book, Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey into the Unknown, a comprehensive primer on metaphysical subjects, was written after this transformation. In the book she recounts how, when her first child died during delivery in 2000, she suffered from a profound sense of sadness and loss, and how six months after this heartbreaking moment she excommunicated herself from her Catholic faith and from God.

'I have faced many challenges in my life, beginning at the age of nine after a coup lead by the Ayatollah Khomeini ended the reign of the Shah of Iran in 1978. My family and I were evacuated from Iran with nothing but the clothes on our backs. After settling in the UK, although I could speak English fluently, I could neither read nor write the language. So at a much more advanced age than my friends I had to learn the art of English literacy. As I grew, my travels took me to Africa. Sadly, while I was there I saw a fair amount of death and destruction. I was already jaded with life when, at the age of 31, my daughter died and I literally couldn't take anymore and shut down completely. Instead of living my life, I simply existed in the world."

She reveals why, for nine years after the death of her daughter, her heart was filled with anger and hatred resulting in her shutting down her inherent psychic gifts. Then, an overnight miracle happened in 2009 when Samantha's guardian angel healed her heart: she simply didn't know how to hate anymore.

'It was an incredible, life changing moment when I no longer felt hatred or anger in my heart. Everything seemed so clear to me. It was as if a veil had been dropped from my heart and eyes, and I could see and feel clearly for the first time in my life," Samantha says.

Through her own experiences Samantha learned about human nature, including what drives us forward and what prevents our motivation. By turning her life around she truly understands how dreams can be shattered―and the enormity of achievement in their rediscovery and accomplishment.

Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey into the Unknown gives accounts of how, after this divine intervention, Samantha's gifts were resurrected and she was able to see, feel and know things that are simply astonishing. For instance, she explains that in 2010 she witnessed angels protecting her plane and it was with these invitations she welcomed the spirits back into her life with joy.

In the book Samantha provides engaging accounts of her own psychic experiences, explains who we are as human beings - beyond the physical. She includes information on the various senses that psychics and mediums use and she explains how to enhance our own senses to reach beyond the five material senses we are accustomed to using.

'My book is designed to encourage individuals to begin questioning their motivations and what might be holding them back. I have never been happier in my life. Facing my fears was the best decision I ever made" she says. 'I gained everything and lost absolutely nothing in turning my life around. Money can't buy what I have. I feel like the richest woman alive!" Samantha is now happily settled in Melbourne with her children and husband.

Samantha's aim is to inspire others who want to make changes in their lives, and nothing makes her happier than seeing people overcome their fears, realise their dreams and then chase them. This is a book you really have to read.

Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey into the Unknown
Balboa Press
Author: Samantha Richards
RRP: $22.99

Interview with Samantha Richards

Question: What inspired you to write Touched by Divine Love?

Samantha Richards: When I first began my journey of self-discovery I couldn't find any individual book that gave me an overview of each change I was experiencing. I found books on individual subjects, but couldn't find one that I could refer to without having to delve through lots of other books. I realised that I couldn't be the only person that felt this way, which was confirmed as people began coming to me for advice. As a result, I wrote Touched by Divine Love as a one-stop reference book about the fundamentals of metaphysical subjects.

Question: What lessons do you provide readers in Touched by Divine Love in regards to facing fears?

Samantha Richards: Fears do have their uses… I won't be sticking my hand in to a pit of vipers any time soon! However, there are other fears that are so deeply rooted they hold us hostage in their perceived power. Touched by Divine Love gives examples of my own demons that prevented me from investigating my strengths. The fear of rejection and criticism, and my level intelligence were at the top of the list.

The greatest insight revealed itself when I started delving deep into my inner world. I became acutely aware that many of the destructive memories I nurtured were in place to keep me from perceived harm, but they were in fact doing more damage. That knowledge seemed to trigger an internal release mechanism where I realised that the danger had passed, and memories couldn't hurt me anymore. My pride didn't prevent me from seeking appropriate help in order to learn how to let go of the emotional hooks those memories created. My desire to heal meant that within a couple of years I transformed into who I am now. I hope that by my own experiences readers will take pride in facing their own fears, knowing that they can only emerge stronger as a result.

Question: How has your life changed by using these techniques?

Samantha Richards: Meditation has been the greatest help for me in finding balance in my life. The act of meditating enabled me to understand more about who I am from a deeper level, including my triggers and reactions to people and events. In doing this, I am now able to modify my behavior so I don't carry the burden of stress like I used to. Applying and understanding the techniques described in Touched by Divine Love has allowed me to accept who I am, including all those sides of myself I didn't particularly like. By bringing my human self and spirit self into alignment, I have given myself permission to live what's left of my life to the full, and find a level of peace that I had never known existed.

Question: Can you talk us through one of your psychic experiences?

Samantha Richards: I once scanned a girlfriend's aura. As I was running my hand through her energy field, I came to her abdomen. My hand suddenly felt very hot and literally bounced away from her body, which to me indicated there was a scar in that area. I also kept hearing the words, 'cervix" and 'cysts" in my inner ear. Her shock was evident when I queried her, as she told me that she had not informed anyone outside her family that she had undergone a procedure that involved taking a biopsy of cysts from her cervix.

Question: What do you hope readers take from your story?

Samantha Richards: I would like readers to gain a sense of achievement in the hard work involved in making what can at times feel like overwhelming life changes. That it's OK to be different, we can live in society without conforming to peer pressure. That by accepting ourselves for who we are, we can free ourselves from our own fears. I would like readers to feel they can give themselves permission to really live their lives to the full.

Interview by Brooke Hunter