Top 5 Ways To Minimise Your E-Waste

Top 5 Ways To Minimise Your E-Waste

Top 5 Ways To Minimise Your E-Waste

1. Re-evaluate to reduce
The best way to minimise e-waste is to rethink new purchases. Before buying your next electronic item, decide if it's actually necessary. Do you really need that second phone, laptop, or upgrade to that latest TV? Perhaps there is one item you can purchase with multiple functions, rather than buying five separate products. By becoming a conscious consumer, you can reduce the amount of waste produced from electronic products.

2. Quality is key
If you are looking to purchase a new electronic item, consider investing in a good quality product that is durable and energy-efficient. Not only will the item last longer, it will consume a lot less energy and save you money in the long run. Renting larger household items such as washing machines, dryers and refrigerators can also be a good option if you only need the item for a set period of time.

3. Maintain your electronics
By looking after your electronic devices, you'll not only increase the lifespan of your gadgets, but also save money on having to constantly replace broken items. Simple care and maintenance such as using a phone or laptop case, cleaning out your washing machine's filter every few weeks or getting your vacuum serviced regularly, can minimise damage. If you do run into trouble with your electronics, consider looking into options to repair them in the first instance.

4. Sharing is caring
If you've got a number of nifty electronics that mostly sit around unused, sharing them with your local friendship circle or community group is a great way to give them a second life. Sharing and borrowing appliances that may only be required for one-off use will reduce the rate of consumption. If your gadget is of no use to you at all, why not consider donating it to a friend, family member or charity organisation? After all, one person's trash is another person's treasure.

5. Dispose correctly
If your electronic item is broken and beyond repair or donation, ensure that you visit your nearest e-waste drop-off point to dispose of your e-waste correctly. Not only will this help to protect the environment and our health, it will recover valuable non-renewable resources than can be turned into new products. Check your nearest e-waste drop-off point by visiting:

Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash