Top 5 Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Top 5 Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Top 5 Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Many people don't know the benefits of Hydrotherapy -  Spas originated around healing waters, and hydrotherapy is a wonderful, and often overlooked, method of reviving body, mind and spirit. Water has a massage-like feeling of water gently kneading your body, and also carries a hydrostatic effect. When water moves, it stimulates touch receptors on the skin which in increases blood circulation and releases tight muscles. The warmth and buoyancy of the water can help to reduce muscle spasm, increase circulation and decrease pain.

Hydrotherapy or 'water healing" has been recognised for thousands of years.

Petro Kuiper from Physio on Brunswick says that the top 5 benefits of hydrotherapy are:

- Weight loss: Alternating hot and cold water treatments increase metabolic rate and digestion activity. Hot water enhances blood and immune cell circulation, whilst cold water creates vasoconstriction, pumping debris and dead cells away from healthy tissues.

- A brighter body: The jets of a hydrotherapy bath circulate water improves the function of the internal organs by stimulating blood supply, hydrating the skin by supplying fresh nutrients and oxygen to injured tissue.

- Circulating Success: Hydrotherapy loosens tense, tight muscles and encourages relaxation. Tensed muscles restrict blood and lymph flow which causes waste products (uric and lactic acid) to build up in the muscles. The gentle pressure of hydrotherapy clears waste products from the muscles and encourages blood and lymphatic circulation.

- Immune Booster: This simple immune- boosting therapy reduces the effects of stress by increasing endorphin production and boosts the immune system to protect us from many ailments, including colds and flu.

- Recovery: cold water limits the damage you do when exercising hard. It reduces the inflammation caused by hard exercises and shortens the recovery process so you don't have that achy soreness two days after exercise.

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