Tommy Harris Butterflies & Feels

Tommy Harris Butterflies & Feels

Multi talented producer and singer-songwriter Tommy Harris has delivered a slew of songs that come straight from the heart in his new EP Butterflies & Feels. The EP features the past singles "Florence" and "Broken" that have set up the fresh, pop tone of the EP. With a mixture of organic instrumentation and electronic and alternative elements, the EP showcases Tommy's range and talent.

"Butterflies & Feels is the first proper EP I've ever done and I'm so proud of everything we've created and all the crew involved in telling this story," said Tommy. "It's been such a sick experience working on my first big project and throwing myself into the Australian music community and working with such talented and creative people. We always tried to combine real organic instruments with electronic elements to create fun boppy music to contrast with the heartfelt lyrics."

Butterflies & Feels features 5 songs produced by Taka Perry (Ruel, Denzel Curry) and mixed and mastered by Liam Quinn, otherwise know as ProdByQuinn (Guy Sebastian, Peach PRC). The sixth song, and Tommy's first single from the EP, "Florence'' was mixed by Simon Cohen and mastered by Leon Zervos at Studios 301. Each track on the EP is an expression of Tommy's feelings and experiences; the good, the bad, and everything in between. 

"The EP is all about the life experiences we all go through and how things in life start to change with ups and downs, relationships changing and both the happy and painful emotions that come with that," said Tommy. "Butterflies & Feels represents the anxiety and nerves ('Butterflies') and the full range of emotions ('Feels') that come with all these new feelings. Working with Taka Perry on the whole production of the EP was such a huge learning curve. Honestly the best dude going round, he taught me so much about producing and songwriting and really mentored me through the whole release process."

Tommy's first single release "Florence" reflects on the ups and downs of relationships, life changes, and the emotions that accompany them which garnered him praise from Milky Magazine: calling the single "the kind of track you'll be bopping along to on the dance-floor with a smile on your face, whilst crying your eyes out!" 

"I love all the songs on my new EP, but I'd say Florence definitely means the most to me. It was the first song I wrote for the EP during a really tough transition in my life," revealed Harris. 

With his second release "Broken", Tommy focused on the aftermath of a breakup by opening up about his heartbreak and reminiscing on that love. It also features production by Australian-Japanese music producer and artist Taka Perry and mixing by Liam Quinn. CrushCop praised his vulnerability, saying "Tommy's sincerity on Broken shows through his vocals and acoustic guitar usage, making this single one that's relatable while still striking a chord in our hearts."

As Tommy himself said, "It's such a raw and emotional song with so much passion and nothing to hide behind. Taka absolutely killed it on the production, giving it this crazy energy and really brought it to life." 

Growing up by the seaside town of Sandringham, Melbourne, Tommy spent many of his early years watching his dad play the guitar. By high school, Tommy had his knack for the acoustic device. Picking up every instrument he could find, music quickly became the only thing Tommy was interested in doing. After buying his first microphone and some recording gear, he promptly jumped into the world of writing and producing his own music.

Now at the age of 23, Tommy is determined to build a life around music, deciding to move his life up to Sydney to be near the producers and songwriters he's connected with so strongly. With no looking back now, Tommy has been spending all of his time learning and improving his skills and focusing on his music with fewer distractions and the right team around him.

In the lead up to his debut EP, Tommy Harris has been uncovering his style within the alt-pop space, finding a pop fueled, danceable place while remaining introspective and sharp.

Butterflies and Feels EP is available on all platforms now.

Butterflies and Feels EP Tracklist
1. Butterflies & Feels
2. Broken
3. Florence
4. Die With U
5. Night and Day
6. Love For You