Titanic The Mission DVD

Titanic The Mission DVD

Titanic The Mission DVD

Genre: Special Interest
Rated: PG
Running Time: 335 minutes

Recreating the beauty of the world's most famous ship.
It was exactly one century ago when the world watched in awe as the Titanic, the largest and most extravagant ship, set sail on her maiden voyage . Now the great legend which is buried at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean is ready to be seen again - as the luxury and opulence is brought back to life by four experts.

Titanic: The Mission sees engineers Yewande Akinola, Luke Perry, Brendan Walker and Dave Wilkes employ hundred year old methods and tools to recreate parts of the ship to scale with the intricacies that made it famous.

Watch as the team bring to life the exquisite interiors, replicate the entertaining and dining rooms, showcase the first to third class cabins and recreate the most expensive room on the ship - the male only smoking lounge.

Special Features:
Expert Profiles
Project Picture Gallery

Titanic The Mission
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