Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell

In the much anticipated sequel to Saving Grace, Time Will Tell continues the journey of Emily Oliphant who has made some major changes in her life after leaving an abusive husband, moving house and starting her own jam-making business.

With scarce finances but the opportunity to buy the property too perfectly suited for the B&B she dreams of opening, it seems the button jar she holds so dear – a gift from her recently deceased Granny Mayfair – could contain the solution to all her problems.

The last thing on Emily's mind is a new relationship…but fate had another idea and with her finances, property, friendships and budding relationship all soon in limbo, Emily is once again drawing on her inner strength to overcome a whole new set of challenges.

Australian rural fiction author, Fiona McCallum, is the bestselling author of four previous novels. Last year saw Fiona featured in the Top 10 Australian bestselling authors list alongside Di Morrissey, Judy Nunn and Bryce Courtenay, an amazing accomplishment for an author whose first book, Paycheque, was only published three years ago. Fiona's other titles Nowhere Else and Wattle Creek saw her crowned Australia's top-selling rural fiction author in 2012. Wattle Creek was also chosen as one of the 2012 Get Reading! Campaign's -50 Books You Can't Put Down'.

Growing up on a sheep and cereal farm on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia before marrying and divorcing a farmer, it is no surprise that country life and the reawakening of the female spirit features in Fiona McCallum's novels.

Her new offering, The Button Jar series, is a very real portrayal of the ups and downs of life, and how the rug can be pulled out from under you just when things are starting to go well. The first book in The Button Jar series, Saving Grace, was published in April 2013 to great success.

In the second book of the series, Time Will Tell, you will see that everything happens for a reason, usually beyond our control, and that the very best can come out of the worst of situations. Time Will Tell is about hope and having faith that things will turn out for the better!

Time Will Tell
Author: Fiona McCallum
RRP: $29.99