The Wattle Tree

The Wattle Tree

The Wattle Tree

This is the story of Molly, a little girl who helps not only herself, but her mother, come to terms with the loss of Gran through connecting with the wattle tree at the bottom of the garden.

Set over the course of several months, Molly makes repeated trips to the wattle tree. At first, her visits are to escape the sadness in the house as Mum is locked inside her own grief. Gradually, Molly draws strength from her visits and ultimately invites Mum to share in the experience so they can keep memories of Gran alive.

Review: A picture story to help children deal with the loss of a grandparent, in the most gentle way.

The Wattle Tree is John Bell's first book. A former nanny, he has decided to return to higher education and is currently studying to complete a BA at Sydney University.

Ben Wood has been an illustrator for over six years for publishing companies and design studios. He loves creating uniquely diverse characters and environments, using both traditional mediums and also digital tools. When he isn't drawing, he frequently visits schools, running cartooning and picture book workshops.

The Wattle Tree
Hachette Children's Books
Author: John Bell
Illustrator: Ben Wood
ISBN: 9780734412911
Price: $28.99