The Universe Listens To Brave

The Universe Listens To Brave

How Courage Will Change Your Life

This book of wisdom has been written for you: the ones who seek to live with more courage.

Reach for it when you're setting an intention, making a big decision, doing the work of healing, grieving, creating or learning to love yourself, and you need reminding to keep choosing brave.

This is your invitation to leap into your most expansive life.

Dr Rebecca Ray is a writer, speaker and clinical psychologist. She invites you to contemplate your true self, in its bravest form: the self that is still asking questions. The self that is seeking wisdom. And the self that's determined to stay open to the possibilities of a life inspired.

Dr Rebecca Ray is a writer, speaker, and clinical psychologist. Rebecca is the creator of Happi Habits, a 12 week e-book and online program on positive psychology techniques to help people boost their well-being and learn how to live a life inspired.

The Universe Listens To Brave
Author: Dr Rebecca Ray
ISBN: 9781760783365
RRP: $19.99

Interview with Dr Rebecca Ray

Question: How did you own experiences inspire The Universe Listens to Brave?

Dr Rebecca Ray: The Universe Listens to Brave was born out of my community and I bonding over the quest to create a life of meaning. It speaks to the tasks that we all face – and that I have personally faced – as human beings: accepting difficult feelings, facing fear, doing the work of healing, stepping into hope and finding trust to walk the brave journey. For me, I want to be able to look back from the end of my days and say I loved and lived courageously and this is the heart of the message in my book.

Question: How do you define brave?

Dr Rebecca Ray: I define brave as the practice of moving through hard experiences and feelings to a place of growth with compassion and gentleness for ourselves.

Question: Does brave equal happiness?

Dr Rebecca Ray: Happiness simply refers to the positive emotions we associate with feeling good. That word or term doesn't truly encompass all the factors that contribute to our sense of thriving. In my opinion, brave is a critical part of thriving because it's the road of personal growth, healing, vulnerability, accomplishment and adventure!

Question: Which of the mantras and quotes included in The Universe Listens to Brave currently is your most treasured and why?

Dr Rebecca Ray: I titled the book after my favourite mantra in the book. This quote sums up my approach to life.

She was never quite ready.
But she was brave.
And the universe listens to brave.

There are two others that particularly resonate for me right now. I am creating a course called Radical Courage: Transforming Fear into Freedom and these two quotes both match my experience of putting myself out into the world and being every bit human in my duality, and also because they connect me with my community who walk the same path as they live inspired, expansive lives:

You're scared because it matters.
And you're brave because it matters.

You can be healed and still healing.
You can be open and still hurting.
You can be brave and still frightened.

Question: What are the main messages you hope readers take from The Universe Listens to Brave?

Dr Rebecca Ray: I hope my readers come to The Universe Listens to Brave to be reminded that:
1. They are not alone on the path of courage;
2. I see their hurt and honour them for it; and,
3. Wherever they're at today, may they go gently with themselves and bravely toward what matters deepest in their hearts.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

The Universe Listens To Brave
Author: Dr Rebecca Ray
ISBN: 9781760783365
RRP: $19.99