The Siege of Fort William Henry

The Siege of Fort William Henry

The true story behind "The Last of the Mohicans," told by the men who were there.

The Siege of Fort William Henry Now available on DVD from EKS Films



The true story that inspired ''The Last of the Mohicans'', The Siege of Fort William Henry is now available on DVD from EKS Films.


The Siege of Fort William Henry is available worldwide via the EKS website.  


Fort William Henry was a British fort on Lake George, the New York frontier, during the French and Indian War. In 1757 a French army of 9,000 men, including almost 2,000 of their American Indian allies, laid siege to the fort. Over several days the French cannons bombarded the fort, while the Indians harassed the men in the adjacent encampment. After 6 days the siege came to an end. The British and colonials in the Fort and adjacent encampment flew the white flag and surrendered. The following day the Indians attacked the surrendered British troops in what has become an infamous massacre. These events inspired author James Fenimore Cooper to write "the Last of the Mohicans." The siege of Fort William Henry being the backdrop to his novel. This film recounts the events through journals and letters of men who were at the Siege. A report from Colonel Joseph Frye, the Journals of the French General Montcalm, his aide de camp, and many others bring the historic events to life. Hear the story from men on both sides of the Siege of Fort William Henry.


The Siege of Fort William Henry was written and directed by Erik Swanson and features the voices of Thierry Albert ("Out of the Ashes"), Craig Bones (AC/DC: Stiff Upper Lip Live), Ross Cawton ("Time Agent"), and more.



Documentary. Not Rated. Run Time: 63 Minutes.