The Reality Checkup

The Reality Checkup

The Reality Checkup

'Men, me included, are very good at avoiding issues with their health for fear of getting an answer they don't want to hear …Exercise, eat well, don't ignore symptoms and follow screening guidelines. Early detection saves lives. I stay active and fit, try not to drink too much alcohol and challenge my brain daily.""Dr. Andrew Rochford

Every day, men all over the world make hundreds of thousands of decisions that impact their health, happiness and wellbeing. In many circumstances they are small, seemingly trivial decisions, but each and every one of them directly affects how a man performs in his job, in the bedroom, at the gym and in his life. Knowing how to make the better decisions for you" without joining a fitness cult or drinking nothing but kale juice" is the trick.

Using his expertise as a scientist, as a doctor and as a man, Dr. Andrew Rochford has combined current scientific knowledge with the practicalities of life to create The Reality Checkup Finding the perfect non-perfect version of yourself"a frank and straight-to‐the‐point guide for the modern man. Written for men of any age, the most common concerns covered include exercise, diet, sleep, work, sex, stress, mental health and body image.

Dr. Andrew's message is that in a time when everyone is trying to sell you something"how to live longer, have better‐looking skin or be better in the bedroom"it's okay to admit you aren't perfect.

In an entertaining and informative style, Dr. Andrew uses current research and anecdotal evidence to inform his audience of current trends so male readers can learn how to take a different approach to life's decisions. The tips provided help men make the better choice the majority of the time so they can enjoy each day and live it in a healthier way. With advice on how to overcome the mistakes we all make, he explains how all men can truly become the perfect non‐perfect version of themselves.

Dr. Andrew Rochford Registered Australian Medical Practitioner with Undergraduate Degree in Medical Science, Majoring in Anatomy and Neuroscience, Post Graduate degree from University of Sydney Medical School, Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery with Honours.

Since winning The Block eleven years ago as a Final year medical student, Andrew has worked for all 3 Major Television networks, most recently as the 7 Network Health Editor. He has hosted What's Good For You, Amazing Medical Stories, You Saved My Life and The Project. He has also reported in Africa, US, and Nepal post‐earthquake for Sunday Night.

He has also worked for 2GB and ARN co-hosting Breakfast radio in Sydney with Claire Hooper.

Medically, he is Trained in Emergency Medicine, holding Registrar Positions at major teaching Hospitals around Australia, including Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, and Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane ‐ National Ambassador Australian Red Cross.

In recent times, he has focused on running and launching a healthcare technology company called Docta, which he founded 2 years ago and is set to launch globally in 2017.

Special areas of interest such as Preventative conditioning, Performance both physical and mental as well as Trauma work have been published in the international journal Neurosurgery. Andrew is married with 3 children and lives in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

The Reality Checkup
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Author: Dr. Andrew Rochford
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