The Paper Knites On The Train Ride Home

The Paper Knites On The Train Ride Home

The First Of A Two-Part Album

This morning, Australian outfit The Paper Kites surprised fans by releasing a new album, titled On The Train Ride Home.  Alluding to new music over the last few months, the surprise album drops with a teaser trailer here and hints to a companion piece to come in August.

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Produced by Tom Iansek & frontman Sam Bentley, the band sustains their midnight mood with this latest offering.  A mostly acoustic collection, Bentley croons an album for the escapists, the street wanderers, the lovers and the lonely. The sincerity and brevity of the songs leave behind a space between each track that is personal and thought-provoking, simple stories, relatable and poetic, hanging in the air like smoke plumes. With minimal instrumentation, the arrangements remain sympathetic, rich and honest. Late night longings both romantic and heartbreaking, robust with hope, The Paper Kites deliver one of their most beautiful records to date.


Collaborating with Los Angeles film-noir artist Gina Higgins on the album's artwork, the band revealed On The Train Ride Home is the first part of a two-part release, with the second album On The Corner Where you Live be released in August. 


The Paper Kites are currently in Connecticut working with American producer Peter Katis (Interpol, The National) on the second record.


On The Train Ride Home is the band's third album and is the follow up to their 2015 album TwelveFour. Having toured across 4 continents, 24 countries and played nearly 200 shows in just under 3 years, The Paper Kites have played to sold-out crowds around the world.  With over 300 million overall streams and nearly 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the band continues to amass new fans wherever they go.


The Paper Kites is Sam Bentley (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), Christina Lacy (lead vocals, guitar, keys, mandolin), David Powys (vocals, guitar, banjo, lap steel), Josh Bentley (drums, percussion) and Sam Rasmussen (bass, synths).


On The Train Ride Home Track List:

Nothing More Than That
On the Train Ride Home
Between the Lines
Only One
It's Not Like You
Standing in the Rain
How Long