The Naughty List DVD

The Naughty List DVD

The Naughty List DVD

Cast: Drake Bell, Sean Astin, Naya Riviera, Kyle Chandler, Matthew Lillard
Director: Gordon Crum
Genre: Children's Animated
Rated: G
Running Time: 44 minutes

The North Pole is the jolliest place on earth where every day feels like Christmas, until two of Santa's elves find themselves on the naughty list!

It's Christmas Eve in the North Pole and Santa and his elves are hard at work getting everything ready for the big day and while Santa is busy checking his list to see who's been naughty or nice, two of his elves find themselves in hot water.

When Snowflake's mischief-loving brother Winter goes too far with a prank, they both get stuck on the naughty list and as a result find themselves doing a seemingly never-ending list of chores for Santa. Snowflake and Winter's spunky young reindeer friend Sparkle tries to help the duo clear their names but Winter's inability to follow the rules has put the North Pole in a serious jam right before Santa's big night. Suddenly Christmas needs to be saved and it's up to the trio of troublemakers to save the holiday and make Santa proud.

Will Snowflake, Winter and Sparkle save Christmas, or will they be stuck on the naughty list for good?

The Naughty List
RRP: $19.95