The Magic Pudding

The Magic Pudding

Believing that children preferred food to fairies, Norman Lindsay cooked up a recipe for success that has lingered for 90 years. Never out of print since 1918, The Magic Pudding is a feast of funny adventures and lovable character: Bunyip Bluegum, Bill Barnacle, Sam Sawnoff and Albert, the pudding.

Discovered in mysterious circumstances, Albert is no ordinary pudding. No matter how much you eat, he never shows a mark. Whistle twice, turn the basin around, and he changes from steak and kidney to hot jam roll or apple dumpling in the wink of an eye! The pudding is cranky, and his manners are appalling, but he tastes delicious and loves to be eaten. And he's about to get his owners into all sorts of trouble…

The new edition of this timeless Australian classic has been carefully and beautifully designed. The original artwork has been rescanned to show the illustrations in all their exquisite detail. This edition also contains early reviews of The Magic Pudding, plus a fascinating collection of correspondence between Norman Lindsay and his publishers, Angus and Robertson, from the A&R Archives held in the Mitchell Library. The letter were selected with the assistance of Lindsay's granddaughter, Helen Glad, who has written a short biography of Lindsay, complete with photographs, especially for this book.

Norman Lindsay is widely regarded as one of Australia's greatest and most influential artists, producing a vast body of work in different media. In addition to his children's classic, The Magic Pudding, Lindsay is most famous for his controversial paintings and etching of nudes.

The Magic Pudding
Harper Collins Publishers Australia
Author: Norman Lindsay
ISBN: 9780732284329
Price: $39.99

Review: A classic that every family should have in their private library.