The Last Days on Mars DVD

The Last Days on Mars DVD

The Last Days on Mars DVD

Cast: Liev Schreiber, Elias Koteas, Romola Garai, Olivia Williams, Johnny Harris, Goran Kostic
Director: Ruairí Robinson
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action
Rated: MA
Running Time: 95 minutes

Inspired by science fiction classics, Alien and 2001: A Space Odyssey, Academy Award® nominated Director Ruairí Robinson's (Fifty Percent Grey) debut sci-fi film introduces us to a terrifying new world, where the discovery of life might be the death of us all. Based on the 1975 short story The Animators and starring Golden Globe® nominated actor Liev Schreiber (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Mental), The Last Days on Mars is a gripping thriller that follows an international team of astronauts on a frightening exploratory mission to the infamous Red Planet.

The film premiered at the Directors Fortnight at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and has been praised for the strength of its special effects, hailed as 'subtly topnotch" by Variety and applauded for its ability to 'whip up truly menacing dust storms" by the Hollywood Reporter.

On their last day on Mars, a crew member of Tantalus Base believes he has made an astounding discovery - fossilised evidence of bacterial life. Unwilling to let the relief crew claim all the glory, he disobeys orders to pack up and goes out on an unauthorised expedition to collect further samples.

But a routine excavation turns to disaster when the porous ground collapses, and he falls into a deep crevice, near certain death. His devastated colleagues attempt to recover his body, however when another vanishes they start to suspect that the life form they have discovered is not yet dead. As the group begins to fall apart it seems their only hope is the imminent arrival of the relief ship Aurora.

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The Last Days on Mars
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