The Incredibly Busy Mind

The Incredibly Busy Mind

Most children would say that the ocean is blue, but when Bowen looks at it, he sees white where the waves crash, deep black on the ocean floor, and green when there's a storm. He wonders whether fireflies are hot, and notices how the brushstrokes of a painting tell a story too. Bowen sees the world differently to other children and struggles to fit in. How will he find his place in the world?

The Incredibly Busy Mind of Bowen Bartholomew Crisp follows the life of Bowen through school and beyond. At every stage, he finds that he doesn't fit in with his peers, but this eventually becomes his greatest strength. Through thinking differently, he is able to solve problems that no one else could. After all, just because something can't be mended the same as it was, why shouldn't it be mended differently? A very personal story, Bowen's tale is sensitively written and full of colourful, lively illustrations.

It aims to offer hope to children who haven't yet found their place in life by showing them that being 'normal' might just be overrated, and that to find success in life we should be valuing our differences. Children, carers, teachers and psychologists alike will find inspiration in this tale of embracing diversity and engaging our full potential. It is a vital reminder that the strength and uniqueness of every child should be encouraged to help them find their place in the world and flourish!

About the author 
Paul Russell is a primary teacher, artist, playwright and children's author of Grandma Forgets and My Storee, among others, with Grandma Forgets making the CBCA list of notable picture books in 2018. Having been in classrooms for almost 20 years, it really isn't surprising that all of his heroes are teachers. He is passionate about children's literacy and building young appetites for the written word.

About the illustrator
Nicky Johnston is an educator, speaker, and author/illustrator of children's books. She is passionate about promoting emotional resilience in children and raising awareness of mental health issues. As well as teaching, she works from home writing and illustrating and has contributed to 16 books including The Fix-It Man and Saying Goodbye to Barkley.

The Incredibly Busy Mind of Bowen Bartholomew Crisp
Author: Paul Russell
Illustrator: Nick Johnston
ISBN: 9781925820881
RRP: $24.99