The Impossible Story of Olive in Love

The Impossible Story of Olive in Love

The Impossible Story of Olive in Love:

A break-out quirky and uniquely Australian novel, that will appeal to fans of Rainbow Rowell.

How do you date a boy who doesn't know you're invisible?

Worse still, what happens when Mr Right feels wrong? Has destiny screwed up? In typical Olive fashion, the course is set for destruction. And because we're talking Olive here, the ride is funny, passionate and way, way, way, way dramatic.

'I get that I'm impossible.
I get that I'm mad and rude " perhaps even a drama queen at times.
But you'd be impossible if you lived my life ... You'd be impossible if you were invisible.
Shakespeare was an idiot. Love is not blind. Love is being seen.'

Gritty realism with a touch of magic and set in Sydney. The Impossible Story of Olive in Love questions the idea of a -one true love' that just works…

Olive is easy to relate to because we all feel invisible sometimes. Not being seen or heard, being overlooked or made to feel like we don't matter is something many people struggle with.

Tonya Alexandra has always valued imagination and creativity over reality.
BUT Loves reality TV because loves observing human relationships.
Background in marketing, PR, web producing, travel writing, TV documentary development.
Began writing novels when a stay-at-home mum, has three sons.
Passionate about people finding -their creative thing'. Considers writing therapy. Want more? Olive and Tonya have a tumblr account, Orange Juice Sun where they post all sorts of cool things that inspire them;

The Impossible Story of Olive in Love:
Author: Tonya Alexandra
ISBN: 9781489220479
RRP: $19.99