The Great Australian Beer Guide

The Great Australian Beer Guide

The Great Australian Beer Guide

Do you know your porters from your pales and your stouts from your saisons? Are you a home-brewing legend or a draught devotee? Or do you think dubbels and tripels are just spelling mistakes?

Regardless of how much you know about beer or what you like to drink, this all-new edition of The Great Australian Beer Guide is sure to have something to please your palate. Whether you're looking for something familiar or wanting to expand your beer horizons, join beer expert James Smith (of The Crafty Pint and founder of Good Beer Week) in his never-ending quest to discover Australia's best breweries and beers.

For those seeking something other than the simple lagers on offer such as Carlton Draught, there's no lack of spectacular diversity available. With well in excess of 300 brewing companies operating in Australia, from tiny, shed-based -nano' operations through brewpubs of all shapes and sizes to larger production breweries as well as -gypsy' or contract brewers who don't own their own kit, there's sure to be something to suit every beer drinker's tastes.

From lagers, pale ales and IPAs to Belgians, barley wines and other oddities, this book has you covered. Complete with the fascinating history of beer in Australia, a breakdown of the brewing process, style spotlights, brewery profiles and guides on how to store, serve, enjoy and match beer, The Great Australian Beer Guide is perfect for anyone who has ever enjoyed a pint.

James Smith was born in the famous brewing town of Burton upon Trent in England. However, it was three decades and a move to Australia later before he became fully immersed in beer. A journalist by trade, he began exploring and writing about the country's burgeoning micro-brewing culture soon after arriving in Melbourne in 2008. Since christened -Crafty' in reference to his website, The Crafty Pint, he writes about beer for Epicure, the Halliday Wine Companion Magazine and Time Out, and is a founder of the annual Good Beer Week festival in Victoria.

The Great Australian Beer Guide
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Author: James Smith
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