The Expert Witness

The Expert Witness

Examinations of Crimes, Drugs and Poisons by a Forensic Toxicologist

Murder? Suicide? .... or simply a carefree night out gone horribly wrong?

For over three decades, William J. Allender has lent his expertise to solving some of Australia's most publicised crimes. He has been called upon to testify about the role drugs and poisons played in these nefarious and notorious offences – was the killer under the influence of drugs? Was a poison used to end the victim's life?

The Expert Witness gives you a front row seat to thirty of Allender's most fascinating cases. Follow along as the crime unfolds and the investigation occurs, and be a witness yourself to one of the country's most knowledgeable forensic toxicologits as he unravels the science behind the misdeeds.

Shocking, informative and filled with fascinating insigh into the world of poisons and drugs, The Expert Witness is a must-have for anyone with an interest in crime, misadventure and the experts that uncover the truth behind the evil .

William J Allender is a forensic toxicologist who has been called to give expert witness evidence in a number of very high profile cases involving drug overdoses and poisons, including pesticides, in which those substances have been used in suicides and murder.

The Expert Witness
New Holland Publishers
Author: William J Allender
RRP: $32.99